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Free water, a decent desk chair, a few days off when you have the flu — and that’s it, right? Not for these 44 companies. All of them make employee health and wellness a number-one priority. We’re talking rock climbing walls, healthy snack stashes, meditation rooms, and team bonding retreats. Of course, there are lots of companies on this continent that offer outstanding health benefits. But everyone on this list offers at least basic health insurance for employees and makes some accommodation for fitness, whether that’s an on-site fitness center or discounted gym memberships. And most of the companies go above and beyond with additionally awesome health benefits. Read on to find out who made the list. (Note: This list is organized according to company size; it’s not ranked from best to worst. “Size” refers to number of employees worldwide.)

Big Companies (1,000+ employees)

1. General Electric

Location: Fairfield, CT (HQ); offices all over North America Size: 304,000 Health is a big priority at GE, where employees can join the companywide HealthAhead challenge. The program helps employees and their families stay active and makes sure they eat right, plus it includes services for smoking cessation and stress reduction. In honor of the 2012 Olympics, the company organized the Go for the Gold initiative, in which employees all over the world walked and ran to reach a million kilometers total. And that’s not it for the fun team activites: This group of GE Aviation employees helped break the world record for the most people doing a fitness band workout. But GE doesn’t stop at keeping its own employees healthy and fit: The Healthymagination fund invests in future healthcare technologies. Photo: General Electric

2. Accenture

Location: New York City, NY (HQ); offices across the globe Size: 257,000 When it comes to all-around employee wellness, Accenture is on its game. The high-tech consulting company offers discounted gym memberships, mental health support, plus online health coach programs for personalized care. And since a lot of Accenture employees end up traveling for work, they also get access to information about where to work out across the USA. Accenture recently partnered with Stanford University in a program called “Steptacular,” which rewards employees for walking more and staying active. Photo:

3. Google

Location: Mountain View, CA (HQ); 21 offices in North America Size: 54,604 In case anyone needs some more incentive to work for this massive tech company, get this: The company headquarters features a giant slide, bikes, volleyball courts, and swimming pools. And in case someone gets injured in the pool, there are always on-site health professionals around. When it’s time for lunch, employees don’t have to struggle to eat healthfully: The company actually considered behavioral economics when designing the cafeteria to make healthy choices easier. Photo: Google

4. Wegmans

Location: Rochester, NY (HQ); 80 stores throughout the U.S. Size: 42,000 Having all that food around all day might be tempting, but this supermarket chain encourages its staff to follow the Eat Well, Live Well principles, which focus on fitness and healthy eating habits. Employees also get free flu vaccines and regular health screenings, plus access to a smoking cessation program that’s helped over 2,000 employees in the last few years. And got a question about health? Just call the new 24/7 health hotline just for Wegmans employees. Photo: Wegmans

5. Nationwide Insurance

Location: Columbus, OH (HQ); 93 locations in the U.S. Size: 36,000 Nationwide is seriously on your side when it comes to health and wellness. Employees can exercise their stress away at on-site fitness centers and with discounted memberships at off-site gyms. The kids get to benefit, too — parents get a daycare spending account. And wrap your brain around this: The company lets employees play brain-training games during the workday to help reduce stress. Photo: Nationwide Insurance

6. Nike

Location: Beaverton, OR Size: 34,300 This footwear, sportswear, and equipment company gets a big check mark for its health benefits program. Don’t be surprised to see employees sporting Nike T-shirts and sneakers — they get a nice discount on company merchandise. Plus they can put that workout gear to good use at on-site fitness centers and off-site gyms where they get discounted memberships. Photo: Nike, Inc.


Location: Vancouver, BC; offices and stores throughout North America Size: 28,039 The thousands of employees who work at this Canadian telecommunications company aren’t just tech whizzes; they’re also set up to be some of the country’s fittest, healthiest, and happiest folks. Most Telus offices feature on-site fitness and wellness centers (acupuncture, anyone?); those without on-site facilities offer discounts on gym memberships. The company also keeps staff competition stiff with the Active Living challenge, an 11-month online initiative that motivates employees to start or continue fitness routines. And forget those doughnut and Danish binges — Telus cafeterias provide healthy grub and nutritional counseling. Moms and dads won’t fret either: Schedules are flexible and parental leave is generous. Photo: Team TELUS

8. Progressive Insurance

Location: Mayfield Village, OH (HQ); offices throughout the U.S. Size: 25,000 Talk about progressive: The insurance company puts a focus on health with on-site fitness classes and equipment, fresh food, Weight Watchers at Work services, and rooms for relaxing and meditating. And no one’s getting twisted like a corporate pretzel here — there are even free ergonomics consultations. Progressive’s an especially great place for women, offering counseling for pregnant employees and lactation rooms. Photo: Progressive Insurance

9. SAS

Location: Cary, NC (HQ); offices throughout North America Size: 13,349 Rated one of the best companies to work for for women (and everyone else), this software company is all about personal health. Their North Carolina headquarters includes a huge fitness center, and some of their hundreds of satellite offices have on-site wellness services. And it’s always Bring the Kids to Work Day with on-site childcare. The do-gooder company even organizes volunteer programs and sustainability initiatives. Photo: SAS

10. Chesapeake Energy

Location: Oklahoma City, OK (HQ); offices throughout the U.S. Size: 13,200 Go beyond the cubicle and check out the sand volleyball pit, the climbing wall, the Olympic-sized pool, and the rest of the equipment at the on-site fitness facility. And open wide — there’s even an on-site dental center! Chesapeake, a natural gas producer, prioritizes health by offering its employees bonuses for hitting the gym and attending health seminars. Kids can come and hang out at the on-site child development center. Photo: Chesapeake Energy

11. Jamba Juice

Location: San Francisco, CA (HQ); stores throughout North America Size: 8,000 The oh-so-refreshing California company was recently recognized for its outstanding employee health and wellness services, and for good reason. Participants in the CEO Health Challenge program get discounts on health care benefits and the company sponsors employee teams for marathons and other fitness events. For those looking to work up a sweat before the workday, there’s even bike storage and showers. Moms can rest easy, too with in-office lactation lounges. Photo: Jamba Juice

12. Lululemon

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada (HQ); stores throughout North America Size: 5,000 Down-dog in style by working for this Canadian athletic-wear company. Lululemon pays for employees to take yoga classes and there’s even a yoga studio at the company headquarters. Employees make a point of “sweating together” (less gross than it sounds) at 6am spin classes or stand-up paddleboard lessons. But it’s not all about the bod: During training, employees work on skills like goal-setting and positive thinking. Photo: Lululemon

13. EmblemHealth

Location: New York, NY (HQ); 11 offices around the US Size: 4,700 The American Heart Association labeled this health insurance company a Fit-Friendly Company in 2012, meaning it makes employee health and wellness a priority. As part of the myHealth path program, EmblemHealth employees earn points for healthy behaviors like quitting smoking, and they get discounts on gym memberships and weight loss programs. Every few months senior staff members at the company lead team walks (see photo) to boost morale and encourage employees to stay active. There’s even a registered dietitian around to help employees with their health goals. Photo: EmblemHealth

14. Hasbro

Location: Pawtucket, RI Size: 3,150 Working for a toy company is every kid’s dream, but adults here have some fun, too. The company runs a special wellness program called “Imagine” that helps employees develop healthy eating habits and fitness routines. Plus they offer other wellness services like Weight Watchers and smoking cessation programs. And there’s no need to go running up and down the staircase — most of their locations all over the USA feature on-site fitness centers, and the Rhode Island office includes indoor and outdoor walking routes (marked with Candy Land “Healthy Steps” plaques!). Most importantly, no one’s left out: Health care benefits also apply to same-sex couples. Photo: Hasbro

15. Hitachi Data Systems

Location: Santa Clara, CA (HQ); 49 more offices in North America Size: 2,400 Health and Hitachi go hand-in-hand. Employees at the data storage company get free gym memberships and healthy food at the office. Plus there’s the freedom to work from home and during flexible hours. Photo: Hitachi Data Systems

16. United Space Alliance

Location: Houston, TX (HQ); other offices in FL and AL Size: 2,181 No, the benefits at this company (which makes products for space industries) don’t include flying to outer space. But they do offer flexible schedules and the option of working from home (or the moon), plus free gym memberships, making for some pretty pleased employees. Photo: United Space Alliance

17. Fresh Direct

Location: New York, NY Size: 2,000 What happened to those Snickers bars and M&Ms? The vending machines at Fresh Direct, a company that delivers groceries to customers in the New York City area, are stocked only with fresh fruit. Employees stay active, too, with discounts to the New York Sports Club and regular team walks around Long Island City (where their offices are located). Photo: Attack! Event Staffing & Experiential Services

18. Zappos

Location: Henderson, NV Size: 1,500 OMG, shoes. It’s a group effort at this shoe and clothing company, where employees go on monthly team-building outings. On-site wellness services include nap rooms, nursing rooms for moms, and even a personal life coach. Best of all? Even Fido’s taken care of with health insurance coverage for pets. Photo: Zappos

19. CHG Healthcare Services

Location: Salt Lake City, UT Size: 1,489 CHG will rock you — your body, that is. Employees trying to shed the pounds can participate in the company-wide Rock Your Body challenge to see who can lose the most weight. There’s also a new on-site wellness center for employees and their families, complete with free health screenings, yoga classes, and even smoking cessation programs. And no one stays scrunched up in a computer chair for long — check out the photo of employees doing their daily 2pm “Stretchy Stretchy” routine. Photo: CHG Healthcare

20. Usana Health Sciences

Location: Salt Lake City, UT Size: 1,313 The employees churning out sports supplements for customers are just as focused on their own health and fitness. No candy machines here — the company offers organic food in the cafeteria. And when employees are ready to break a sweat, they can head over to the on-site gym and basketball court. Photo: USANA Health Sciences

21. Twitter

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 1,300 A little birdie told us Twitter’s got some awesome employee health benefits. Vacation time and parental leave are flexible — after all, you can tweet from pretty much anywhere. For those who prefer a solo workout sesh, the company offers gym membership reimbursements, but for those who are into the group thing, there are weekly yoga and Pilates classes in the office. Photo: Troy Holden

Medium-Sized Companies (100 to 999 employees)


Location: New York, NY (HQ); offices throughout North America Size: 600 For a fitness-fab workplace, check out the offices behind this e-commerce site. Fab employees get discounted gym memberships and this past summer the CEO even paid for two free months of gym fees. The staff gets treated like royalty, too, with catered snacks and lunches — a recent meal included feta salad and Israeli couscous. Photo: Fab

23. CLIF

Location: Emeryville, CA Size: 322 The makers of CLIF bars, LUNA bars, and other foods for active folk practice the philosophy they preach. CLIF’s headquarters are famous for their bouldering wall, though they also feature a weight room, yoga room, dance studio, and a bunch of personal trainers. As for chow, the CLIF Bar Café features organic ingredients and all employees benefit from access to nutritional counseling. The company’s all about reducing its carbon footprint, too, with free bike parking and solar technology. Photo: Clif Bar & Company

24. Standard Process Inc.

Location: Palmyra, WI Size: 302 The only thing better than that endorphin rush after exercising is getting rewarded for it. Standard Process runs a “Be Active” wellness program, which encourages employees to work out at the on-site fitness center. For health information junkies, there’s even free nutritional counseling and lectures on health topics at the office. And no KitKat breaks, either — vending machines and cafeterias sell healthy, organic food only. Another perk? Free, on-site chiropractic care! Photo: Standard Process Inc.

25. ZocDoc

Location: New York, NY Size: 300 ZocDoc lets users find the doctor they need, when they need it, and it turns out the company is just as committed to employee health. The staff gets healthy, catered meals and breaks during the workday to do some sun salutations or just hang on the couch. Employees bond over mutual sweatiness during intramural sports games and a bunch of staff members keep their carbon footprint small by biking to work. Photo: ZocDoc

26. Eventbrite

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 220 Biking, bouncing on the trampoline, eating cereal… oh right, and working. Health and happiness are equally important at Eventbrite, an event management and ticketing services company that provides employees with healthy food and a monthly fitness and wellness stipend. And when employees get tired from all those active team outings, there’s a Zen room to just chillax. Photo: Eventbrite

27. Airbnb

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 200 Discuss ideas over a plate of grilled veggies before heading off to a group yoga class. Airbnb, which helps users find places to stay all over the world, is big on employee wellness. The team gets organic lunches and free fitness classes every day, plus the office is totally pet-friendly. Staff members even get yearly travel stipends to make sure they’re extra-happy when they come back to work! Photo: Graham Clark

28. Next Jump

Location: New York City, NY (HQ) and Cambridge, Massachusetts Size: 125 Is this place a hotel or an office? Employees at this e-commerce and advertising technology company are entitled to a nutritious breakfast and dinner every day. Plus they can bring all their family and friends to a fancy on-site fitness center that offers personal training sessions and group classes. And get this: The company even frees up employees’ time by doing their laundry for them.Photo: Next Jump

29. MRY

Location: New York, NY Size: 120 It’s not every company that encourages employees to have fun outside the office, but MRY’s “Get A Life” program provides everyone with a stipend for work-free activities — think music lessons or camping trips. And employees at this advertising and public relations agency take off as much time as they need to stay healthy and happy. Check out the organic snacks at the office, say hello to the in-house barista, or swing by on Thursday for a group yoga class. Photo: MRY on Facebook

30. StumbleUpon

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 120 In sunny San Francisco, employees at this tech company help users find new websites to suit their particular interests. But they spend just as much time looking for ways to pump up their wellness routines, with organic meals every day and reimbursements for gym memberships. And if ever some staff members should stumble on stress, they can head straight to the on-site masseuse. Photo: Mashable

31. Tumblr

Location: New York, NY Size: 103 When they aren’t posting hilarious GIFs to their blogs, employees here are focusing on their personal health and wellness. Everyone gets free gym memberships, plus a Sherpaa membership, which gives them 24-hour access to a group of doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and other health professionals who can help users get the care they need. Photo: wildeyedboy

Small Companies (under 100 employees)

32. Lumosity

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 70 The makers of brain-training games get the special treatment at their California headquarters. Catered lunches and a well-stocked refrigerator include any kind of (healthy) food employees want. Plus staff members get free memberships to a local gym to work out their bods as well as their brains. Photo: Lumosity

33. Groundspeak

Location: Seattle, WA Size: 70 Work-time is playtime at this company that develops GPS devices. The company encourages employees to get outside and test the tech, so no one’s sitting on their behind for too long. Healthy catered food helps everyone fuel up for the outdoor adventures. Photo: Andrew Waits / Seattle Met

34. Hanson Dodge Creative

Location: Milwaukee, WI Size: 65 Need to meet a coworker on the other side of the room? Just take one of the office bikes or kayaks. Well, maybe not, but they are available for mid-day active breaks at this advertising and marketing firm. There’s also a brand-new fitness center for the less outdoorsy, and the office is always open to family members, including pets. Photo: Bradley Rochford / Hanson Dodge Creative

35. Petzl America

Location: Clearfield, UT Size: 51 Whether they’re into kicking, batting, or climbing, this outdoor gear manufacturer has got its employees covered. Employees can use the bouldering wall at Petzl headquarters or take a short trip to nearby soccer and baseball fields. And when it’s time to just get away from it all, employees receive discounted passes to ski resorts. Photo: Petzl America

36. PatientsLikeMe

Location: Cambridge, MA Size: 45 Find workout buddies just like you among the staff at this health community site. Employees have flexible schedules year-round; plus they can bust a move with on-site yoga classes and Nintendo Wii games. And when the munchies strike, employees can just grab some nuts or another nutritious snack from the company stash. Photo: PatientsLikeMe

37. Basis

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 41 Every employee here gets a free Basis band, which tracks different aspects of health and fitness. And the company makes getting a move on easy, with discounted gym memberships and bike parking in the office. The office fridge is stocked with healthy meals and snacks, plus every week means a quick team getaway to a local food truck festival. Photo: Basis

38. Keas

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 35 Keas partners with companies all over the country to help promote employee health and, unsurprisingly, the company’s own employees get some great health benefits. Staff members receive discounted gym memberships plus a whole lot o’ group bonding with regular team outings. Photo: Keas

39. Noom

Location: New York, NY Size: 23 Yes, this health tech company has a secret chocolate stash, but almost all the food here is nutritious — and prepared by an in-house chef! Team bonding is a big priority, too: The whole staff eats lunch together every day and goes on regular retreats outside the city. And employees here really stand up for themselves, with options to make standing desks or arrange their work stations any way they please. Photo: Noom

40. Skillshare

Location: New York, NY Size: 16 Techies, pro knitters, and science geeks get together in this knowledge-sharing class community. Employees have just as much fun — there’s literally an allowance for team fun — plus they take team retreats and mandatory vacation days. Gym memberships and yoga fees are subsidized so employees can share the happiness. Photo: Skillshare

41. Greatist

Location: New York, NY Size: 14 Greatist prides itself on living the lifestyle we champion. We always have lots of fresh fruit, veggies, and other nutritious snacks around and everyone gets free gym memberships (with classes like yoga, spinning, kickboxing, and dance strength included!). Everyone’s free to arrange their desk space as they like — standing or ergonomic desk setups are encouraged! And to make sure it’s not all-work all-day, every week we try a different activity as a team, whether that’s aerial fitness, Samurai sword fighting, or drinking Maker’s Mark. When it’s time to chill out, we head straight for the meditation cushions in the Zen room. #wearegreatists. Photo: Jordan Shakeshaft / Greatist

42. Sonic Notify

Location: New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA Size: 12 More than just a cool name, Sonic Notify is a media startup that keeps its employees happy and healthy. There’s little excuse for not exercising, since all staff members get a $200 annual reimbursement for gym fees. Weekly food deliveries include nutritious munchies like yogurt, fruit, and fiber cereals. And don’t worry about needing to take a work-from-home day: Schedules here are flexible so employees can produce their best work ever. Photo: Sonic Notify

43. Gympact

Location: San Francisco, CA Size: 5 Gympact users earn money for hitting the gym, but Gympact employees get their memberships to a fitness center and rock-climbing wall for free. Interested? Get those hiking boots ready: The company also organizes active team adventures to keep everyone healthy and happy. Photo: GymPact

44. Healthy Labs

Location: Berkeley, CA Size: 3 The name says it all, duh. The employees that produce Healthy Lab technology and community sites get free gym memberships plus fresh food from Trader Joe’s. This is a pretty outdoorsy team, with monthly active retreats like hiking and waterskiing and team lunch days outside. Social good’s important, too, and the company matches up to $1,000 of employees’ donations to charity. Photo: Healthy Labs

Special thanks to Marc Rosen, Director of Corporate Sales & Operations at FreshDirect, and Carlo Ammendolia, Associate Scientist at the Institute for Work & Health, for their help with this article. Is your company a healthy place to work? Let us know in the comments below or tweet the author @ShanaDLebowitz.