This week we put off all of our work and did some hardcore procrastinating. We kid, we kid. We actually learned how to stop avoiding responsibilities and why we even procrastinate in the first place. We also rounded up a mega list of the healthiest companies to work for— from on site fitness centers to nap rooms — these offices make it hard to want to play hooky. And simply because we can’t get enough pumpkin, we tossed in a pumpkin recipe to try out this weekend. — Nicole McDermott.


How to Stop Procrastinating

From homework to the gym, there are about a million and one things to put off in a day – and a good chunk of us are avoiding them consistently. We’ve dug around to examine why we procrastinate, and how best to get back on track.

How to Be Happy: Behind the Smiles With Gretchen Rubin

The author of the bestselling book “The Happiness Project” loves ballpoint pens, candy, and helping people find meaning in their lives. Read on to find out what keeps the New York City mom cheery these days.

19 Smart Ways to Fix a Stale Relationship

For people in long-term relationships, “less passionate” phases are bound to happen. They also suck. But never fear — we’ve got the scoop on how to break out of a relationship rut.

Quote: Costumes on Halloween? Try Dressing Up Every Day

Halloween is a day to put on masks and scare up some trouble, but what if we had the courage to dress up how we wanted everyday?

How I Followed My Passion and Escaped the 9 to 5

GUEST POST: Dani DiPirro knew she wasn’t cut out for the 9-to-5 grind. But it took courage — and support from friends and family — to become the writer she’d always hoped to be.

19 Standout Groups Stopping Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Check out Greatist’s list of organizations working to assist survivors and shed some light on this uncomfortable — but important — topic.


The 44 Healthiest Companies to Work For

While some people are trapped in cubicles, their muscles and souls slowly deteriorating, other employees stay happy, healthy, and fit all day long. From complimentary organic snacks to personal masseuses, these 44 companies prove there’s no place like work.

What’s Really in Halloween Candy

Turn over any candy bar wrapper, and the ingredient list may be more frightening than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Learn what’s lurking in those candy aisle classics and if they’re a cause for concern.

8 Social Good Campaigns Fighting Breast Cancer

Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with these eight legit campaigns. From pink gear to social solidarity to sexy dudes on your phone, all of these social good campaigns will make real difference all year ’round.

Fix 4 Health Problems with Better Behaviors [Videos]

Do our behaviors really have an impact on our overall health? The National Institutes of Health enlisted four pioneering doctors and professors to show how a little mind over matter can improve four different health concerns.

#imagreatist Healthy Cooking!

This week, the #imagreatist community headed to the farmer’s market for some fresh produce, and even whipped up a homemade version of a Chipotle burrito bowl!

Recipe: Quinoa Apple Cake

With a whole quinoa and fresh apple base, this snack cake is perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth and filling enough to kill that dessert craving.

How Much Sex Is Too Much Sex?

While gettin’ it on is a budget-friendly activity that’s both good for your health and fitness, find out if we can have too much of a good thing.

Eat Right: The Ultimate Guide to Nuts [Infographic]

Here’s a breakdown of nut nutrition — what good stuff they give you, how to use ‘em, and fun alternatives, too!

Certified: The New Organizations Making Restaurants Healthier

Restaurant quality isn’t just about “tasty” versus “gross,” or “healthy” versus “greasy.” All over the U.S., organizations — and individuals — are starting to certify restaurants based on how nutritious, clean, and environmentally sustainable their meals are.

The Greatist Table: 5 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes from Around the Web

Why smash a pumpkin when you can eat it? Check out our five favorite pumpkin recipes!

Recipe: Strawberry White Bean Blondies

Fit in a serving of protein and fiber while satisfying that sweet tooth with these strawberry white-bean delights!

Healthy Breasts: What Everyone Should Know

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out Greatist’s guide to breast health and learn how to reduce your risk of developing the disease.

Recipe: Healthier Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

A less guilty version of the classic pumpkin-and-chocolate combo!


We Did It: Just Keep Moving Fitness

Last Friday Greatist headed to NYC’s Just Keep Moving Fitness for a kickboxing bootcamp class. Read on to learn about this butt-busting workout!

Hands on Review: The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Not signed up for space camp? No problem. Antigravity treadmills are popping up at gyms and PT facilities to help athletes train harder, faster, and smarter. Greatist takes the “AlterG” for a spin in this cutting edge review.

What Food Labels Really Mean

Sure, the word “organic” looks good on a grocery store sign, but what does it really mean?

26 Healthier Ways to Cook with Beer

Step away from the beer-battered onion rings! Cooking with beer can be wholesome as well as delicious. Mix it up with one of these healthier brew-infused recipes for any meal, side, dessert, or snack-attack.

Greatist Podcast: The New Science of Fitness

In this week’s Greatist podcast, we talk with researcher Dr. Mark Peterson on the science behind fitness and how exercising the right way can improve nearly all aspects of health.

Poster: Have an Adventure (or Two) Every Day

Life’s an adventure, but sometimes an extra reminder can’t hurt. Get motivated with Greatist’s latest inspirational poster, and read on to find out how you could win a free copy!

The Most Dangerous/Enthusiastic Dude at the Gym

We’ve found one of the most enthusiastic, dangerous, ridiculous gym-goers East of Long Island. Check out his insane routine as he uses gym equipment in revolutionary ways.