This week, The Greatist Team finished off the #Zensperiment and the #Shakesperiment. Check out Shana's enlightening conclusions, and Nicole's not-so-successful trial of the Shake Weight. And since some chillier temps have hit the East Coast, we've got some fall-inspired recipes to warm up with like, mushroom and farro soup and harvest fruit compote (Greatist Team approved!). October is the perfect time to start stocking up on tea for the fall and winter months, so find out how to get the most out of your brew. — Nicole McDermott


Tea Hacks 12 Surprising Ways to Tap Into Tea's Benefits

Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world. But how can we maximize its health benefits and make it taste its very best?

Expiration Dates, Explained

What do the different expiration dates really mean? We uncovered all those dates stamped on food labels to see if we can really trust them.

#WTFis Plumpy'nut, the Life-Saving Peanut Butter?

Plumpy-what? Greatist sheds light on the “miracle cure” for world hunger.

Recipe: Mushroom and Farro Soup

Dive spoon-first into soup season with this hearty mushroom and farro delight.

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Managing bodyweight doesn’t always mean shedding pounds. Some people are dieting to gain weight. Before diving into a cheeseburger-all-day diet, check out these tips for bulking up the healthy way.

The Greatist Table: 5 Healthy Greens Recipes from Around the Web

Check out these five fresh greens recipes!

How to Eat for Healthy, Clear Skin

There are tons of products out there that promise to clear acne-prone skin. But which foods help prevent (or cause) those blemishes? Greatist found out here.

Quote: Peanuts? All You Need is Chocolate

All you need is love? Au contraire! Charles M. Schulz, the late cartoonist and creator of “Peanuts” (read: Snoopy and co.), knows that chocolate makes everything better.

Why I Gave Lean Cuisine a Chance

How does Lean Cuisine come up with and package new recipes? Greatist’s health editor, Kate Morin, goes behind the scenes for the low down on the frozen food giant.

Recipe: Whole Wheat Rigatoni with Greens

Looking for a way to fit more whole grains into that dinner dish? Try this hearty whole-wheat pasta dish with seasonal greens.

Superfood: Pumpkin

These orange gourds are good for more than making spooky faces — they’re also packed with disease-fighting vitamins.

Recipe: Kelp Noodles with Almond Ginger Dressing

Need an alternative to classic noodles? Try this inventive take on the classic sesame noodle dish by swapping in kelp noodles and almond butter.

13 Food Hacks for Better Skin and Hair

Hack your beauty regimen and turn to fruits, veggies, and pantry staples for DIY scrubs, masks, and hair treatments.

Recipe: Harvest Fruit Compote

Looking for a way to use up all that fall fruit? Try this simple, healthy compote for an all-natural sugar fix.

25 Killer Infographics to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Want to learn something without staring at a ton of text? Luckily, we’ve rounded up 25 infographics that help us foam roll like a pro, live forever, and more. (Pretty pictures included.)


Does the Shake Weight Work? The Results Are In

We put the Shake Weight to the test for one month, and the not so fantastic results are in. Find out why the infomercial success wasn’t so successful in building firm, fabulous arms and shoulders in just six minutes a day.

Are Crunches the Best Workout for Abs?

Ever been guilty of crunching away, hoping to land that coveted six-pack? Turns out some famed core exercises may not be the best bet for abs of steel.

Live Like a Pro: The WNBA's Essence Carson

From Big East Defensive Player of the Year to starting guard for the New York Liberty, Essence Carson is making serious moves — on and off the court. Read on for an inside look at her diet, training, and winning outlook on life.

Beginner's Guide to the Most Common Bike Repairs

A busted chain means a pricey trip to the repair shop, right? Wrong! Learn these five basic bike fixes to keep rolling all season long.

New Workout: Interval Training in the Pool

Don’t just jump in and swim. Follow along for a swim workout that improves speed and endurance, without taking a toll on those joints. Interval training in the pool — who knew?

How Facebook Made a Young Soccer Goalie a Star [Video]

Freshman goal keeper Daniel Cui had a few rough games, and a harsh round of cyberbullying followed. But Cui’s school rallied around him, renewing the teen’s confidence and inspiring an amazing improvement in his play.

Mani Love aka "Lil Engine's" Inspiring Highlight Reel [VIDEO]

Check out how this inspirational baller tears up the court, despite the notable size difference between him and his opponents.

Know Before You Go: Horseback Riding

Think horseback riding is just for cowboys? Think again — swinging into the saddle is a great way to keep muscles strong, improve coordination, and have fun.

Poster: I Don't Run... I RUN.

Want to show the world your passion for running? Check out Greatist's new inspirational poster, available for sale on the official Greatist Store. And check inside to see how you can win a free copy!


Op-Ed: Why Weight Bullying Is the Worst

News anchor Jennifer Livingston stood up to a weight bully live on her TV show. Staff writer Sophia Breene writes on why the message behind her commentary is important.

40 Days of Meditation #Zensperiment: Conclusions

The #zensperiment has been all about stepping out of my comfort zone and learning more about myself.