It's fall and it's time for to rake the leaves and stock up on pumpkin (bruschetta, and frosting, and pies! Oh My!). If raking isn't exactly your idea of a fun workout, check out our list of awesome group activities to try with friends like hiking and roller-blading. This week we learned how exercise can actually boost brainpower, and how to sleep for the best kind of dreams (ya, you know what we're talking about). — Nicole McDermott


Pumpkin Bread and Coffee 53 Ways to Sneak Pumpkin Into Any Meal

From pie to pizza, cocktails to cheesecake, you can squeeze this fall Superfood into any delicious dish. (53, in fact!)

News: Have Sexy Dreams By Sleeping On Your Stomach

So you want to have a more exciting nightlife? Sleep on your stomach. A new study suggests those who pass out prone have more erotic dreams.

Why We Overeat

We’ve been there: The mind is telling us no, but the body is saying “Yes! Eat that second plate of cake!” But what’s really the cause of overeating?

#imagreatist Healthy Eating Tips

This week, our #imagreatist community is making some killer healthy eating choices (and still enjoying what they eat).

New App Thryve Offers a Friendlier Way to Track Meals

Check out Thryve, a food tracker app that hopes to make eating stress-free and tracking less technical.

Are Cosmetics Dangerous?

Body and beauty products have long lists of impossible-to-pronounce ingredients. Should we be worried about what they’re doing to our bodies?

The Greatist Table: 5 Healthy Corn Recipes from Around the Web

Transition into fall with these fresh and healthy corn recipes!

Recipe: Sauteed Green Beans with Peppers and Tomatoes

Try this simple, delicious vegetable side dish for your next fall meal.

10 Ways to Build Healthy Bones (And Keep Them Strong)

If sticks and stones may break our bones, how can we make them stronger? Hint: There’s more to it than calcium and vitamin D.

11 Ways Alcohol Is Actually, Legitimately Healthy [Pics]

Getting smashed won't do you much good but drinking alcohol in moderation is a great way to get these 11 unexpected health benefits. Crack a bottle (or two) and get ready for some health.

Recipe: Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding

Want a delicious dessert you can dig in for seconds, or maybe even thirds, without the guilt? This chia seed pudding is it!

News: Supplement False Claims Slammed in Government Report

Think before you supplement. A new government report suggests the majority of immune and diet supplements have misleading information on their labels.


Can Exercise Make Us Smarter

Hit the books, or hit the ground running? Exercise may also boost brainpower — no number two pencils required.

Will Inactivity Kill Today's Kids 5 Years Early?

A new report spearheaded by Nike and 70 other organizations suggests inactivity could shorten the lifespan of the world’s children. Read on to see how they plan to fight the trend before it’s too late — and how you can help.

Will the Shake Weight Work? A One Month Test

Will one month shakin’ it with the Shake Weight produce buff arms and toned shoulders? Greatist takes on the challenge to see if the the infomercial fitness tool stands by its claims.

24 Awesome Group Workouts That Don't Feel Like Exercise

Spin class at the local gym is cool, but group workouts don’t end there. For hardcore exercise and harder-core group bonding, check out these 24 workouts. From tai chi to white water rafting, we’ve got everything covered.

Join Greatist and's Push-up Challenge!

Greatist is teaming up with to run the first ever Push-up Challenge for Charity! Find out how to get involved and raise some serious cash for the American Heart Association.

Martin Sheen: "There is No Greater Virtue Than Honesty"

The Sheen family may be better known for shouting about Tiger Blood, but Martin Sheen (aka the President) knows humility and honesty matter on the golf course and in life. Get prepped for the Ryder Cup with this quote.

The Evolution of the Football Helmet [Infographic]

With the NFL season in full swing, we took an in-depth look at the technology that helps keep our favorite players safe. Check out our infographic detailing the evolution of the football helmet, from humble beginnings to high-tech.

How I Used CrossFit to Become a Better Runner

GUEST POST: Trainer Jess Allen talks about using CrossFit to improve her running performance, and how readers can apply the same lessons to their training.

61 Push Ups, in 60 Seconds (Cooler Than You Think) [VIDEO]

Check out this 24-year-old lady phenom pump out an absurd number of push-ups, without her hands even touching the ground.

How Do I Measure Exercise Intensity?

Knowing how hard the body is working during a workout is key— here are some of the easiest ways to determine if a workout is too easy, too hard, or just right.

20 Sports Equipment Companies That Do Good

Buying athletic gear is a good way to amp up our game (especially if we’ve been jogging in those ratty sneakers from high school) — but can our sports purchases also benefit the world? We round up 20 sports equipment companies that are getting in on giving back.


40 Days of Meditation #Zensperiment: Community

This week I abandoned my ego and learned what it means to meditate as part of a greater community.

So You Think You're Selfless?

Acting on behalf of another’s welfare isn’t always as helpful as it sounds. Greatist takes a closer look at the motivations and consequences of unbridled altruism.