This week the Greatist team explored stress — if we can be addicted to it or not, and a device that may reduce it. We were also introduced to the #Zensperiment — to watch our happiness editor, Shana, forge ahead through 40 days of meditation. In other news, we learned some soft music and dim lights may help us practice portion control. For some inspiration to round out the week, look no further than the #imagreatist community (from practicing balance in life, to swing dancing and home cooking). Not inspired yet? Take a peek at two seriously impressive dudes — Dan Trink and Mardy Fish — to see the day-to-day routines of fitness all-stars. — Nicole McDermott


Illustration by Bob Al-Greene

40 Days of Meditation: #Zensperiment

Seriously, I am so Zen right now. This month I’m taking a loooong breath in and learning to meditate. Find out why I’m venturing on this journey inward — and join me!

Is it OK to Go to Bed Angry?

When it’s time for bed, we’re not always perfectly happy. Turns out hitting the sack angry could affect not only relationships but sleep, too.

Are Fit People Happier?

Why’s everybody at the gym smiling? There’s science behind it: Working out and staying fit might just keep us healthy and happy.

#imagreatist Inspirations

Our #imagreatist community keeps inspiring us in all sorts of new ways. Check out this week’s tips on keeping healthy, happy, and fit no matter what life hands you!

emWave2 Review: Tech to Help You De-Stress

Heart racing a mile a minute? Looking for some instant zen? Greatist tried out the emWave2, a slick new heart-rate monitor (with games!), to see if tech can help us hack our stress.

Can We Become Addicted To Stress

Stress may just be an inevitable part of getting out of bed every morning. In small amounts, the stuff helps us stay productive and focused. Too much makes us sick. But can we be addicted to stress?

13 Social Good Mobile Apps for a Healthier You

Mobiles phones aren’t just for Angry Birds. We’ve found 13 mobile apps that help you do good (and live healthy) while on the go.

How to Pick the Perfect Mattress

Good sleep is essential to good health. Do mattresses play a role in the equation?


News: Soft Music and Dim Lights Help Us Eat Less

New research suggests some smooth jazz and dim lights might be all we need to eat less and enjoy meals more.

Are All Calories Created Equal?

A calorie is a calorie… or is it? Here’s a closer look at what exactly we’re consuming for energy, and how the different sources effect our bodies.

Recipe: Pesto Cheese Pizza

Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day with this basil-packed grown up version of the classic cheese pie!

Superfood: Cabbage

News flash: Cabbage is not boring! This powerful, versatile veggie is chock full of cancer-fighting nutrients, cholesterol-lowering vitamins, and antioxidants.

15 Unexpected Bread Hacks (From Chicken Soup to Broken Glass)

Give bread a little more cred with these new ways (and cool hacks) that use the everyday food item.

27 Ways to Have the Healthiest (Awesome-est) School Year Ever

School doesn’t have to be a bummer. Here are 27 tips (from eating right to exercising on a dime) sure to make it a winner. We even have some tips for recent grads!

#WTFis Starbucks’ New Green Coffee

“Green coffee” has been popping up in stores like Starbucks for a cool, clear, caffeinated alternative. Greatist digs into what green coffee is made from and whether we should start gulping it down now.

27 Unexpected Foods to Grill This Summer

Forget hotdogs and hamburgers — try these surprising foods that are perfect on the barbecue.

Hilarity for a Cause: Celebrities Take on Malaria

Viral videos aren’t just for laughs anymore. Non-profit Malaria No More teamed up with CollegeHumor and some celebs to to create videos that help save lives.

Recipe: Fresh Fig and Onion Flatbread Pizza

Take advantage of fig season and try this fresh, quick pizza recipe!

7 Cool Tomato Hacks: Slice, Suture, and Ripen

They’re good for more than just ketchup and salsa. We rounded up seven of the most unusual tomato tips and uses to get the most out of this super fruit.

13 Legit Ways to Stop a Hangover

Indulged in an extra glass (or four) of wine? Read on for ways to prevent or cure a hangover the next time that bottle ends up empty.


My Greatist Routine: Mardy Fish

What does it mean to be a greatist? We asked Mardy Fish, American tennis star known for his strong serve and crushing backhand. Read on to see which healthier choices helped him prepare for the 2012 U.S. Open.

Know Before You Go: Fitness Boot Camps

Ready to try one of the fastest-growing fitness trends? Learn all about fitness boot camp classes here before hitting the park (or gym).

My Greatist Routine: Dan Trink

What does it mean to be a greatist? We asked Dan Trink, the head of personal training at Peak Performance NYC. Read on for an inside look at his day-to-day routine.

Quote: Andy Roddick Retires from Semi-Charmed Tennis Career

American tennis star Andy Roddick is retiring after the 2012 US Open, here he reflects on his careers many ups (and downs).

Dinner Is Served… On a Set of Abs [NSFW Video]

This week’s viral video takes you to the gym for six pack abs so divine, you can dine off of them.

Know Before You Go: Tennis

The 2012 U.S. Open is swinging into full gear, and tennis junkies everywhere are hitting the court. Whether you’re a curious onlooker or hoping to be the next Roger Federer, Greatist’s got the low-down on tennis.