This week, we’re tossing on our sombreros and revving up for Cinco de Drinko! We mean… Cinco de Mayo! We’ve got all sorts of healthy recipes for the holiday, and all the tips and tricks to navigate a Mexican Restaurant for the healthiest dishes possible. Once you’ve recovered after all those margaritas, we’ve got some great fitness how-tos — check out our expert suggested beginner’s tabata intervals, and Under Armour’s latest online fitness competition. Ole!

Editor’s Picks

51 Healthy Greek Yogurt Recipes for Any Meal
Greek yogurt is all the rage these days, and here’s the great news: This popular breakfast staple is actually a whole lot more versatile than you’d assume. We prove it with 51 healthier recipes featuring Greek yogurt for any time of day.

How to Cut Back on Alcohol — And Still Have a Social Life
GUEST POST: Sometimes there’s nothing like kicking back with a group of friends, a box of pizza, and a six-pack of beer. But it’s possible to drink less (or not drink at all) and still have a good time. Here’s how.

Jawbone Makes Health Tracking Push With $110 Million Buy
Jawbone, the company behind the UP bracelet, just announced it’s acquiring BodyMedia, makers of some seriously advanced health tracking devices. We discuss what this development means for the future of health tech.

11 Must-Try Moves to Get Started With Tabata
Want to jump into interval workouts, but not sure where to start? Try these 11 super-effective, expert-recommended moves to kick-start your Tabata routine.


What’s Beautiful to You? Under Armour’s Competition to Get Women Fit
A new version of Under Armour’s online competition is motivating thousands of women to become their fittest, healthiest selves.

Gretchen Reynolds Busts Common Fitness Myths
Marathons are awesome, but they aren’t the only way to achieve good health. Gretchen Reynolds, The New York Times’ Phys Ed columnist, tells us why simple changes like walking a little more can do wonders for our overall wellbeing.

Hey You! Grab a Free PUMA Giftcard Today
We’ve teamed up with Boomerang to give you a free giftcard to PUMA. Read on to redeem your prize!


Healthified Strawberry Margarita
This Cinco de Mayo, skip the salt and store-bought, sugar-laden margarita mixes and opt for this au natural healthier Strawberry Margarita.

Why Some People (and Mice) Can Eat a Lot and Stay Skinny
Pants feeling a bit tight? It might not be those cookies you ate. A new study suggests it may be your KLF3 protein levels. Say what? Read on to see how researchers found a link between skinny jeans and skinny genes.

Green Curry Shrimp Rolls
Try this easy, healthy appetizer recipe for a fresh starter with a kick of curry flavor.

#imagreatist Smarter Choices from Around the Web

Check out what greatists are doing this week to make themselves healthier!

31 Healthy Snacks for Fruit Lovers
Sick of eating your apples and bananas plain? Try one of these inventive snacks for an easy way to amp up your eating.

Circle of 6 App Uses the Buddy System to Prevent Sexual Assault
How can a smart phone app help prevent sexual assault? Read on to learn how the Circle of 6 app is using technology to keep us safer, one circle of friends at a time.

The Greatist Table: 10 Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes
Celebrate Mexico’s fight for independence with these healthy, flavorful south of the border-style recipes.

How to Dice a Whole Watermelon in 21 Seconds [Video]
Watch this dude dice the hell out of watermelon in no-time flat. Now that’s a speedy mise en place.

Simple Turnip Gratin
Sometimes when you cut corners in terms of some ingredients, you can feel better about others. This recipe is testament to just that — it takes away the white potato, replaces it with the lower-carb turnip.


How to Transform Negative Thoughts with Mindfulness Meditation
GUEST POST: Psychotherapist Courtney Gregory shares tips and tricks for releasing negative thinking via simple, easy mindfulness practices.

FOMO: Do You Have a Fear of Missing Out
Lots of 20-somethings are affected by FOMO, or the fear of missing out on social events. Now researchers say they’ve come up with a way to measure FOMO, a condition that can sometimes lead to anxiety and depression.

5 Things That’ll Make You Happy From Around the Web
Ready to feel a little happier? From an unkillable tortoise to a fiery speech by a Japanese fishermen, we’ve rounded up five links from the around the web guaranteed to increase your Happiness Quotient.

Are Supplements the Key to Mental Clarity?
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Do Sleep Aids Really Work?
Check out what happened when our staff writer put a handful of the most popular sleep aids to the test.

How to Become a Morning Person [INFOGRAPHIC]
Want to be an early bird but finding it tough to shake your night owl persona? Greatist has THE guide to finally get you on the schedule you’ve always wanted.

What Online Dating Apps Can Teach Us About Romance
New online dating apps such as Tinder let users select potential matches based just on their profile photos. Are these services making us more superficial, or alerting us to the infinite opportunities for love that exist out there?