This week, while everyone wipes away the smudges on their big-screen TVs and pulls out their appropriate football jerseys, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to break down the most important part of the Super Bowl: The food. We’ve got the perfect portion guide to stay on track and a big list of healthier snacks to bring to the par-tay. Since Sunday may be a total cheat day, we’ve got the top 10 workout songs to pump you up for Monday’s sweat sesh. And don’t forget that this Sunday is National Wear Red Day!

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This is One Serving: Super Bowl Party FavoritesThe Super Bowl is here, and so is your chance to fill up on nachos, wings, and kegs full of beer. But to keep those resolutions in check once the whistle blows, consider adding this portion guide to your pre-game playbook.

31 Guilt-Free Super Bowl SnacksA great Super Bowl party would be nothing without a solid spread of snacks. We’ve got healthier versions of wings, spinach artichoke dip, and corn dogs for a less guilty way to get your snack on.

The Top 10 Workout Songs Playlist According to Spotify Spotify just released stats on America’s favorite workout songs for the first month of 2013. Did your favorites make the list?

In the Gym With Brandon Todd, 5’5″ Dunking MachineNot quite as tall as Michael Jordan? Not a problem. Brandon Todd is just 5’5”, but he’s spent most of his life mastering the world’s most insane dunks. Now he’s helping others do the same with a new app called Flytright.


We Did It: Core Pilates NYCLast week, the Greatist Team took on Pilates and emerged from the class a bit stronger, a bit more smiley, and with a hunger to go back for more! Here’s why.

The Super Bowl Gets Healthy in First Ever #HealthBowlNeed a healthier way to enjoy the Superbowl? Join us in a Pinterest party to learn from health-conscious friends!

21 DIY Gym Equipment Projects to Make at Home We all know working out is good for us, but exercise equipment and gym memberships can cost a pretty penny. Check out these budget-friendlier DIY projects for making gym equipment at home.

Super Bowl Sunday is Almost Definitely Going to Be a Cheat Day Heaven knows why we choose to eat the worst food possible on Super Bowl Sunday, but if you’re looking to have a cheat day, Kristen Bell recommends going the whole nine yards.

We Did It: Brett Hoebel’s 20-Minute Body Workout Ready for a mix of cardio, bodyweight exercises, and capoeira? The Greatist Team tried out celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel’s new 20-Minute Body workout. Read on to see how we did!


19 Tips for Healthier Skin and Hair This Winter No surprise here: Winter wreaks havoc on delicate skin, hair, and nails. Luckily, curing and preventing damage is easy! Read on for tips to combat winter’s unpleasant side effects.

The Healthiest Cooking Methods Explained Bottom line: There is no perfect way to cook food to preserve every last nutrient…but there are ways to get close. Here’s a breakdown of the best cooking methods and why they work.

Greatist Podcast: Twitter Questions and Easy Healthy Eating In this week’s Greatist Podcast, Monica Reinagel, aka the “Nutrition Diva,” answers some of your most pressing healthy eating questions.

This Week’s 5 Must-Read Tech Stories in Health There are always cool stories about how technology can affect our health. Studies on how smart phones can stop bad habits and iPhones that measure physical fitness are just the beginning — there’s even a new fitness bracelet that can tell exactly what exercise you’re doing. Read on to learn more!

What Are the Ethical and Environmental Costs of Healthy Food?Get informed about the non-financial costs of some of our favorite healthy foods before hitting the grocery store.

Can the iPhone Ramen Bowl Make Meals Less Lonely?A Japanese company invented an “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl” that includes an iPod dock to make Internet browsing while eating even easier, for better or for worse.

Eatin’ Healthy Around the Web #imagreatistWhen it comes to eating well, greatists all around the web are sticking to healthier choices in the kitchen.

Are Eggs Healthy? Study Denies Link to Cardiovascular Disease Eat them, don’t eat them; remove the yolks, leave them in. Eggs have been the source of a lot of controversy, but new research says they aren’t associated with an increased risk of heart disease or stroke.

Fasting, Vaccines, and Controversy: Q&A with Dr. Joseph Mercola Dr. Joseph Mercola is one of the most influential physicians online today, and also one of the most controversial. We spoke with the doctor about his website, medical advice, and his response to critics on some hot-button issues.

Think, Eat, Save: A Global Campaign to Reduce Food Waste Think before you trash that leftover pizza. The U.N.’s “Think, Eat, Save” campaign aims to reduce the 1.3 billion tons of food we waste every year.

The Greatist Table: 10 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes This year, celebrate game day without ruining those brand-new new year’s resolutions. Bring some of these tasty and healthy snacks to the Super Bowl party and focus on the game, not the calories.

PepsiCo Plans to Remove Chemical From Gatorade PepsiCo is removing brominated vegetable oil from some of its beverages after thousands of people signed an online petition. The chemical is used to preserve fruity flavors but may also cause health problems in humans.

Recipe: Crisp Apple and Almond “Cereal”Not a fan of sugar-laden boxed cereals? Try this fruit-filled alternative!

Recipe: Healthier Rice Pudding Coconut milk makes this classic dessert healthy and indulgent without breaking the calorie bank!


National “Wear Red Day” Supports Women’s Heart Health on Feb 3To raise awareness of women’s heart disease, February 3rd is National Wear Red Day. So suit up to support the cause — and possibly gain a competitive advantage.

The Singing Doctor That Might Melt Your Heart [Video] Dr. Steven Eisenberg uses song to help heal and inspire his patients undergoing chemotherapy. While some patients thought the singing doc was a little kooky, many turn to his songs for support when they’re feeling down and out.

What if a T-Shirt Danced Its Way Around the World? [Video] Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was SO last decade. Watch as one t-shirt journeys from city to city by way of dancing humans.