So we know we’re your go-to resource for all things health, fitness, and happiness (oh please say we are!!). But, when you’re jonesing for even more health-related inspiration to follow, check out our picks for the best blogs in the space. And don’t miss our fun read on sex, and why it’s so great … for your body! While there’s still fresh pow on the slopes, rack up some skiing know-how with our guide to the sport (lingo included). Warm up with our simple breakfast quinoa bake, or try one of our 14 tips to revamp a classic pie and make it a touch healthier.

Editor’s Picks

Recipe: Quinoa Breakfast BakeBake up a pan of this healthy quinoa casserole for an easy hot breakfast on-the-go throughout the week.

60 Must-Read Health & Fitness Blogs for 2013 Need to update your Google reader? Here are 60 of our favorite health and fitness blogs that you should follow in 2013.

14 Tips for Healthier Pies (and Our Favorite Recipes)Grab a slice of pie, it’s National Pie Day! We’ve searched the web for some of the best tips to healthify that pie, and picked some of our favorites.

13 Legit Reasons to Start Bodyweight Training Today Get in shape — no weights, treadmills, or equipment required. Find out why everyone can benefit from adding bodyweight training to their fitness routine.


Know Before You Go: Skiing Looking to hit the slopes in the new year? Go with confidence with our guide to everything you need to know before strapping on those skiis. We’ve got tips for all levels, from training to injury prevention to learning the lingo.

Greatist Podcast: How to Stay Fit While Traveling Traveling should be fun, but if you’re a committed gym-goer, it can seem like a major interruption to your healthy lifestyle. We sat down with renowned trainer Ben Greenfield to learn the ins and outs of staying fit on the road.

Stairway to Hell: Racing Up the Empire State Building GUEST POST: One personal trainer’s account of the hardest race of his life: from the bottom to the top of the Empire State Building on foot (that’s 86 stories and 1,576 steps in less than 15 minutes!).

People Are Awesome: 2013 Edition — Now With Sports! [Video] A new music video featuring some near-unbelievable physical feats has the Internet abuzz. Is this the ultimate compilation of amazing human tricks?

U.S. Military Allows Women to Enter Combat Roles The U.S. Military is removing the ban on women in combat roles. What does it mean for the physical fitness of the Armed Forces?

I Want to… Do a Pull-Up! Learn how to triumph the pull-up bar in just three short weeks! Everyone can do a pull-up, with just a little knowledge and motivation (and some hard work too).

9 Ways to Strength Train Outside the Gym Hate wasting a beautiful day inside the gym picking things up and putting them down? Not psyched about pumping iron, period? Take strength training to go with these daily activities that double as muscle-building exercises.


The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Herbs From a steak on the grill to chicken noodle soup, herbs are essential to flavor our favorite dishes. Here are the most popular ones, why they’re good for us, and how to use them.

Recipe: Shredded Kale Salad with Avocado & Grapefruit Here’s one super-healthy salad that’s not lacking in any kind of flavor.

Fake Food: The Fake Ingredients in Your Favorite Foods Care for some watered-down lemon juice? How about some poisonous food coloring in your saffron? A new report says “food fraud” is way more common than we might think.

Healthier Choices From Around the Web Greatists all around the web are sticking to healthy choices despite the snow and sub-zero (okay we’re exaggerating) temps.

How Sex Can Improve Our Health, Besides It Being Sex Getting lucky tonight? You may be in for more than you bargained for — in a good way! Read on to learn about the unexpected health benefits from sex.

Viagra May Help With Weight LossNew research suggests the love drug can also help with weight loss. We investigate whether the science is legit.

How to Choose the Healthiest Meats Is ground chicken healthier than ground beef? Who wins healthiest in the tenderloin vs. ribs battle? Picking the best cuts of meat can be tricky, so we did the work for you. Read up and hit the market with confidence!

Research Yields Another Clue to How Genetic Diseases WorkGenetics can play a huge role in our health, and scientists may have just discovered one more reason why. The presence of certain “tags” on our DNA can activate the genes that cause diseases such as arthritis.

The Greatist Table: 5 Healthy Lentil Recipes from Around the WebLentils have a ho-hum reputation, but these legumes are way more versatile than you’d think! Check out these five new takes on the pantry staple.

100Plus App Knows How Healthy Your Future Self Will BeToday marks the launch of 100Plus, an app that makes predictions about your future health based on your current habits. Greatist spoke to cofounder Chris Hogg to learn exactly how the app works.


How Much Alone TIme Do You Really Need? Me, myself, and I can sometimes be the perfect company when we’re feeling overwhelmed or just want to get stuff done. But sometimes that privacy can turn into loneliness, stress, and depression.

Happy Healthy Weight Week! Celebrate Your Body, Don’t Loathe ItWe find out what Healthy Weight Week is all about, and why it matters.

13 Posters for Everyday InspirationFrom having adventures to eating whole foods and busting plateaus, Greatist’s inspirational posters can help all of us stay committed to a courageously healthy lifestyle.

The HappyLight: Can a Light Banish Winter Blues? Can a desk lamp bring a little sunshine into a dreary office, making us happier and more productive? Greatist turns on the HappyLight to find out.

OP-ED: Is Dating Dead? Is This the Right Question to Ask? OP-ED: Is dating dead? Are modern technologies killing it? One Greatist staff writer weighs in.

Today Is the Most Depressing Day of the Year. Beat It! Today might be Blue Monday, ie. the saddest day of the year. But don’t get down! Greatist put together some of our best, happiest resources to cheer you right up. Learn about why today is so sad and how to beat back the blues.

Sex with and Ex: Are Post-Relationships Hookups a New Normal? On again, off again, then back on — turns out those tumultuous relationships are pretty common among young adults. But what do they mean for personal development, and is “ex sex” the new normal?