It’s the last day of 2013, and people everywhere are getting ready to tackle their New Year’s resolutions. Just in time for 2014, we’ve got something super exciting for greatists to take on in January. We know that keeping resolutions can be tricky, so we created Renew Year, a chance to mix up the month with different (and fun!) challenges every day.

Each morning, we’ll post a new task for you to tackle — from interval training to meditation to cooking with new ingredients to expressing gratitude. Once you’re done, give yourself a pat on the back and share your achievements on Twitter for a chance to win weekly prizes! Make sure to follow the #healthyishappy hashtag for motivation and inspiration, too.

We get it: Resolutions are hard, and sometimes even unrealistic. Here at Greatist, we’re all about making healthier choices one step at a time and finding out what works for you. That’s why we created a challenge around little changes that can make a big difference. By the end of January, you’ll have learned which challenges were the toughest (and which were the most fun), and that will help figure out the goals you want to continue working towards in 2014.

Are you as excited as we are? Great! Let’s get started. Simply check in with us every day and get ready for a new and renewed new year. We’ll provide the fun tips, the compelling content, and some great swag. You just bring your A-game and an awesome attitude!

Daily GREATIST Challenges

Late to the game? Don’t sweat it. Here are the past challenges if you want to sneak some extra fun into your day!

Day One: Run the extra mile
Day Two: Meditate for 10 minutes
Day Three: Drink one glass of water every hour
Day Four: Sign up for a new fitness class
Day Five: Write down five things you are grateful for
Day Six: Make a home-cooked meal
Day Seven: Do 10 planks
Day Eight: Unplug by 9 pm
Day Nine: Healthify your favorite beverage
Day Ten: Reduce your waste
Day Eleven: Work out with a friend
Day Twelve: De-clutter your room
Day Thirteen: Find a new recipe or ingredient to cook with
Day Fourteen: Do restorative yoga before bed

Day Fifteen: Find somewhere to volunteer or donate to
Day Sixteen: Stop snacking at night
Day Seventeen: Treat yourself
Day Eighteen: Do 100 pushups
Day Nineteen: Step up your flossing game
Day Twenty: Get eight hours of sleep
Day Twenty One: Do interval training
Day Twenty Two: Tame that sweet tooth
Day Twenty Three: Write someone a letter
Day Twenty Four: Drink eight glasses of water
Day Twenty Five: Do 50 burpees
Day Twenty Six: Make a happy mix
Day Twenty Seven: Have a healthy snack
Day Twenty Eight: Get your steps in
Day Twenty Nine: Unsubscribe
Day Thirty: Choose Bodyweight Exercises