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Last weekend, celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis had a small slip-up that’s (unfortunately) familiar to Thanksgiving home cooks around the country. While filming the Food Network’s “Thanksgiving Live” special on November 23, the pint-sized Italian cook made a mistake that novice turkey-carvers everywhere fear: She got a little too excited and sliced her finger instead of the meat. After seeking some off-screen medical care (including stitches!), de Laurentiis was back in action in time to stir the gravy.

Instead of keeping her noob move under wraps, de Laurentiis appeared on the Today Show to talk about preventing and caring for kitchen accidents. All jokes aside (“What’s the secret ingredient in that stuffing, Giada?”), the high-profile knife slip proves that even professional cooks sometimes have trouble in the kitchen. Our recommendations? Stay away from the bourbon while you’re carving, keep a first aid kit nearby (and know how to use it), and, if all else fails, invest in some finger guards. Here’s wishing you a hospital-free Turkey Day!

Video: The Today Show