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Got (expired, curdled, foul-smelling) milk? If you do, or ever have, there’s an app with a solution. Freshbox keeps track of items in your fridge and warns you when they’re about to expire.

The app is pretty straightforward: Users manually register each item in their fridge with a name, category (e.g. dairy or meat), expiration date, and photo if desired. The app calculates the average shelf life for each item, then sends an (optional) alert when the product’s about to expire.

Greatist readers already know expiration dates aren’t always the best indicators of food’s edibility. That said, we still think an app like Freshbox is a great tool to prevent food waste, especially for relatively young and inexperienced cooks. A reminder that our broccoli’s about to go bad might be a gentle nudge to actually use it to whip up something nutritious, instead of picking up takeout on the way home.

Freshbox is hardly the only food-management app out there. Fridge Pal, for example (also available on iOS), is pretty similar. These programs probably won’t revolutionize our health habits or turn anyone into the next Julia Child, but apps that help us stay more aware of our food consumption and purchasing habits are definitely a step in the right direction.

Would an app like Freshbox help you keep tabs on the food in your fridge, or is it more of a hassle than it’s worth? Let us know in the comments below or tweet the author at @ShanaDLebowitz.