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#Foodlover: Are fruits too sugary?

  • I’ve been reading a lot of mixed opinions about whether fruits count as “bad” sugars. I know that too much sugar isn’t healthy, but I also feel like most people agree that fruit is good for us. So, what’s the “truth” here? Should fruits be avoided because of their sugar content, or do the fruits in sugars not “count”? Would be interested in folks’ opinions!

#Runner: What are the best hats for running?

  • I recently went running in Manhattan outside and realized my ears were killing me. I do have very sensitive ears, but the cold wind was really brutal to the point where I almost went home. What does everyone wear on their heads during cold runs? I know this may be an obvious question, but I want to know your favorite brand and styles. I do sweat a lot so don’t want a wool or really warm idea. But really, what the heck keeps your ears from burning?

#Foodlover: Boneless fried chicken: Why do companies make “bad” food easier to eat?

  • Is there anyone else who finds the idea of boneless fried chicken — a big “no-no”? I mean, it is unhealthy enough, and then to make it easier to scoff? What do you think about that?