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How does a food lover maintain a healthy weight? —

  • “What do food-loving people do to keep their weight down? I lost 40 pounds several years ago with Weight Watchers, and I’ve kept it off — but I always end up gaining 5-7 pounds a few times a year and find myself needing to go back on the program. It works for me, but I’d love to hear other real-life stories (especially since I grew up in a family with unhealthy food patterns).”

What are the best apps for runners?

  • Share your favorites!

What is Broga?

  • “I’ve seen a lot about Broga lately, which seems to be yoga for men. I know a lot of my guy friends are NOT into yoga and probably wouldn’t be down for Broga either. They are dudes’ dudes. How can I get my guy friends to try it out? How do you convince a man that yoga is just as important as weight lifting?”