In honor of the holidays, Greatist picked 33 gifts we’d love to unwrap this festive season from fun kitchen gadgets to help create healthy meals to cookbooks with rave reviews and good-for-us snacks, all under $65.


Nibble Baking Pan
Because there’s nothing worse than serving sub-par cake, this nifty invention takes the guesswork out of baking. Nibble, a standard cake pan with an additional mini-cupcake hole attached, makes it a cinch to test out a little smidge before serving an undercooked, burned, or totally just-not-right final product. Price: $21.99

Silpat Baking Mat
Instead of turning to parchment paper for perfect baked goods or roasted veggies, use this non-stick mat to save money, trees, and scrub time post-cooking. The food-grade silicone means less mess and no greasing. Price: $30.00

Obsessive Chef Cutting Board
Rather than dirty up a bunch of measuring cups and spoons — or worry about the accuracy of your mince or dice — use this absurdly detailed cutting board (clearly marked with every measurement ever needed in the kitchen). It’s an obsessive-compulsive cook’s perfect gift! Price: $25.00

Mocubo Cutting Board with Prep Storage
If your giftee could use some help with organization, this is the ideal cutting board. Three clear food-prep containers neatly hide beneath the durable bamboo board. Dinner preparation is as simple as chopping and dicing then tossing the ingredients in the compartments below. (We love this one so much, we bought one for the kitchen at Greatist HQ!) Price: $39.99

Sharky Tea Infuser
We know tea is great for us, but this fun infuser makes it even more exciting to sip. Fill the chamber with loose leaf tea and let it skim the water (dun dun, dun dun…) before enjoying. Price: $15.00

Cooking Guidelines Apron
We get it. Not all of us are equipped with a Rolodex of measurements in our brains — a dash equals exactly how many pinches? This “cooking guidelines” apron has all the info a home chef needs to insure foolproof meals — common kitchen conversions, cooking times, and freezing and defrosting instructions.Price: $25.00

Scoop Measuring Spoon
This atypical measuring spoon achieves perfect portions of your favorite schmears and dips — from nut butters to hummus and cream cheese. Then, it seamlessly converts into a spreading knife for easy clean up. Price: $6.99

Oxo 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
This funny looking tool does all the work when it comes to throwing a few slabs of heart- healthy avocado on a sandwich. The 3-in-1 gadget slices the skin, pops out the pit, and slides through the green goodness with ease. Price: $9.99

Sandwich Wrap Trio
Ditch those grade-school plastic sandwich bags and gift your favorite sammie-eater with these reusable, colorful wraps. Each set includes three machine-washable wraps. Price: $30.00

Monbento Bento Box
Hop on the bento box train for perfectly portioned, creative, and fun lunches. Monbento boxes are chic with bright colors. They’re also stackable and include a moveable divider to separate foods. Price: $36.00

Full Circle Compost Collector
Keep food scraps out of landfills with these kitchen counter top-friendly compost bins. The containers let oxygen flow through their contents meaning everything stays drier so there’s less mess and less stink. Price: $29.95

Mercado Farmers’ Market Tote
Mercado protects a farmers’ market haul from bruising, spilling, and smushing. And this bag isn’t strictly dedicated to farmers’ markets: Bring it to the grocery store for easy and sustainable food transport. Price: $24.99

Chef’n Salad Dressing Emulsifier
Dressings and marinades out of the bottle are convenient, but their labels sometimes have some pretty scary stuff. It’s easy to make your own, especially with the help of this emulsifier (which combines oils and vinegars in no time). The BPA-free decanter (with leak-proof lid) is also great for storage or transporting to a dinner party or picnic. Price: $14.95

Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters
These cookie cutters don’t have to make cute yoga postures just out of cookies. Use them to cut fruit and pancakes into inspiring little figurines. Namaste, pancakes. Price: $8.50 each

Cuisipro Herb Keeper
Herbs can magically flavor dishes without the need for tons of extra fat and salt. Adding some of the green stuff takes meals to the next level, but it can be pretty frustrating when herbs turn into a brown, soggy mess just days after purchasing. Instead, this herb saver keeps everything from basil to cilantro (or even veggies like asparagus!) fresh for days longer. Price: $20.95

Joseph Joseph Spaghetti Measure
This compact tool measures perfect spaghetti portions for one to four servings. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to keep portions in check. Price: $6.95

Prepara Tabletop Oil Mister
These trendy looking containers evenly distribute good ‘ol olive oil (or any other favorite oil) across pans, baking sheets, and grill racks. They come in red, white, green, and black, so feel free to coordinate with kitchen decor. Price: $20.00

Refillable Coffee Pods
Not only do these pods save money, they’re a simple way to make that morning coffee ritual just a little more sustainable. Dishwasher-safe and compatible with most k-cup brewers, these reusable pods are definitely a smarter choice. Price: $7.99

Target Fruit Infusion Pitcher
Dress up plain old water by infusing it with seasonal fruits and herbs. Pop out the removable fruit infusion rod, fill it with slices of lemon or fresh berries, and voila! The fruit naturally flavors the surrounding water. Price: $19.99

Witmer Natural Peanut Butter Stirrer
For all those natural peanut butter snobs out there (it’s okay, we love it too), there’s nothing worse than opening a jar to find separated contents. This nifty hand-operated device stirs the oil back into any nut butter without making a royal mess. Price: $9.95

USB Cup Warmer
To keep coffee or tea warm all morning while working away at the office, this inexpensive apparatus plugs right into a computer’s USB port. Price: $3.99

Prepara Salad Chopper
This funky looking chopper provides three different ways to hack up veggies, and won’t chip or scratch counters or dishware. The tool’s design also allows for in-bowl salad chopping (no messy cutting board required). There’s nothing like manageable bites when eating at the office or in front of somebody you’re trying to impress. Price: $7.99

Drinkable and Edible Stuff

Ceramic Kombucha Brewing Kit
Kombucha, the now popular tea-based drink known to improve digestion and provide a little pick-me-up, is also a fun project to try at home. This deluxe kit includes everything the home brewer needs to whip up two one-gallon brews. Price: $60.00

Alter Eco Dark Velvet Truffles
These truffles are out-of-control delicious. Wrapped up in compostable packaging, these rich, silky chocolates are made of Fair Trade-certified, organic, gluten-free ingredients for a healthier indulgence you can feel good about. Price: $7.99

Harry & David Fruit Basket
Next to the platters of gingerbread cookies, apple pie, and other sugary treats, the counter may welcome a beautiful arrangement of fruit with open arms. The pear basket is a holiday favorite. Price: $29.95 and up

Lucero Olive Oil Gift Set
A foodie’s delight, this gourmet gift set includes six certified extra virgin olive oils with infused flavors like garlic, lemon, and basil. All of the olives are grown within a 20-mile radius of Lucero’s Northern California farm. Price: $39.95

Numi Organic Pu-erh Tea
Plain old green and black teas do the trick for some, but for tea aficionados, Numi’s mix of fun and traditional flavors — from chocolate to jasmine — can suit any mood. The biodegradable tea bags contain 100 percent real, organic ingredients. Price: $7.99

DIY Hard Cider Kit
For a gluten-free friend or family member (or just a big fan of cider), this DIY kit is a surefire win. All the home brewer needs to get started is some apple juice — the rest is easy peasy. Price: $49.00

Roasting Spice Trio
Spices have some pretty impressive benefits, including high antioxidant levels and the ability to transform the taste of a meal. This cute set includes three rubs perfect for flavoring meats and seafood: rosemary garlic herb, mustard fennel, and herbes de Provence. Price: $14.95 Nut Mixes
When the munchies hit, nothing quite hits the spot like some trail mix full of nuts, seeds, fruit, and even some candy (c’mon, it’s the holidays!). There are dozens of ingredients to choose from to make a custom healthy blend (or choose a pre-made mix). Price: $3.99-$10.99 per pound


Anything That Moves
Authored by Dana Goodyear, a writer at the New Yorker, Anything That Moves is a humorous chronicle of why we eat what we eat. Among other subjects, she explores what makes animal blood, endangered species, and insects delicacies in some places but taboo in others. Price: $20.00

The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining
Written by the founders of Kings County Distillery, New York’s first distillery since Prohibition, this illustrated book shows readers how to distill whiskey at home. The Guide to Urban Moonshining explores whiskey’s history and what it means for pop culture today. Price: $16.00

Eat to Live Cookbook
Recognized on our 2012 list of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness, Dr. Joel Fuhrman knows a thing or two about helping Americans achieve healthy lifestyles. In his latest cookbook, the board-certified physician provides recipes with beautiful photos that are both healthy and won’t leave diners feeling deprived. Price: $15.00

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