Anyone who’s been to a dinner party knows the drill: One person is lactose intolerant; another can’t stomach gluten; someone hyperventilates when he eats nuts; and the rest of the crowd is on a 30-day vegan challenge.

For the three or four percent of adults who suffer from a food allergy, and the rest that have food sensitivities, it’s obviously a serious issue. But it’s also important to remember not to take ourselves too seriously, even when it comes to our health.

That’s the subject of a new video, directed by Michael Bihovsky and Lily Bayrock and featured on the Fooducate blog. “One Grain More” is a — less teary — play on the song “One Day More” from the Oscar-nominated musical “Les Miserables.” The musical, detailing the struggles of 19th century French lower classes, might not seem like a good proxy. But in the new video, four people lament their sensitivities to lactose and gluten as they try to put together something palatable and instead get a batch of stuff that looks like it’s “coming out of someone’s nose.”

Greatist is all about accommodating food sensitivities in a healthy lifestyle (we’re looking at you, gluten-free cookies), but those of us with food sensitivities also know how frustrating they can be. It’s nice that there are other people we can identify with, even if we can’t sing as well as they can.

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