49 Stocking Stuffers for Health and Fitness LoversStockings are like a Christmas appetizer. Often the first thing opened on Christmas morning, they whet the appetite for the “main course”— the bigger gifts waiting underneath the tree. You dig through this giant stuffed-to-the-brim sock-like thing, unwrapping teeny tiny presents, which often include utilitarian items (socks! Underwear!) or sweet treats (hello, chocolate!). This year, make stocking time a special time with useful gifts that loved ones can use over and over again. (And if stockings aren’t your thing, a few of these items would be a perfect bigger gift bundled together in a gift bag.)

For Practical People

Baggu1. Baggu Tote
These portable totes are ideal for hauling home dirty gym clothes, wet shoes, or simply keeping on hand for last-minute errands. Each bag folds into its own portable little pouch so it’s easy to have at the ready for whenever you need it. Price: $9.99

Smartwool Ear Warmer2. SmartWool Headband/Ear Warmer
This reversible winter-proof headband keeps ears warm (and hair out of your face) whether you’re walking city streets or gliding down a mountainside. The wool material wicks away moisture and breathes while keeping you just the right amount of warm. Price: $22

Hairbees3. Hairbees Hair Ties
For anyone with long hair (guys included!), few things are more annoying than strands of hair falling in your eyes while on the treadmill, swinging a kettlebell, or simply running errands around town. These no-slip hair ties are designed for runners, so you know they’re reliable for less vigorous activities, too. For extra hair-wisp protection, they have headbands made from the same material. Both styles come in a variety of colors, from neutral to hot pink, so there’s something for everyone. Price: $8.99 for 10

Nivea Lip Care4. Nivea Kiss of Protection Sun Protection Lip Care
We all know that wearing sunscreen year-round is important. But what many don’t realize is that we should be protecting our lips, too! This subtle lip balm moisturizes without too much glisten or flavor, and it provides SPF 30 protection for those delicate wind-chapped lips. Price: $2.50

Stress Balls5. Stress Balls
Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about those squishy, hand-sized, rubbery balls you can squeeze to help relieve stress. Engaging musclescan be helpful for relaxation and gets blood flowing. Playing with a putty-like material can provide the same sort of relief. Price: $5.65

Sister Bliss Aromatherapy Spray6. Sister Bliss Travel Size Aromatherapy Mist
The premise behind aromatherapy is that certain smells stimulate receptors in the nose, sending messages through the nervous system to the part of the brain that controls emotionsAromatherapy facts and fictions: a scientific analysis of olfactory effects on mood, physiology and behavior. Herz, RS. Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. The International Journal of Neuroscience, 2009;119(2):263-90.. And while researchers have yet to reach a consensus on the effectiveness of this therapy method, sniffing some pleasant scents certainly can’t hurt. Lavender oil is known for its stress-relieving effects, while lemon (and other citrus scents) may help boost moods. Price: $11.50

Clean Well Hand Sanitizer7. CleanWell Hand Sanitizer
Who doesn’t need portable hand sanitizer during flu season? We like this brand, which is all-natural and free of alcohol (and those other harsh chemicals no one can pronounce). Price: $3.99

Seven Year Pen8. Seven Year Pen
We will be fans of these pens for at least seven years. The secret to this long-lasting pen? A super-huge ink cartridge that fills more of the pen’s barrel than conventional models. Chances are it will last you even more than the promised seven years — there’s enough ink to write 1.7 meters every day for that period of time. When the ink runs out, just buy a new cartridge! Price: $7.50

For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Nike Thermal Tech Running Gloves9. Nike Tech Thermal Running Gloves
These toasty gloves come in styles for both men and women. The thumb’s tip is touch-screen sensitive, so you can control the tunes while on the move, and there’s even a small pocket to stash keys or a few bucks. Price: $20

Black Diamond Caribener10. Black Diamond Carabiners
Climbers can never have too many carabiners. But even if your loved ones aren’t scaling rock faces, these handy tools are great for anyone trekking around the woods (or looking to hang things from stroller handles). Price: $9.95

Snow Peak Titanium Camping Sporks11. Snow Peak Titanium Camping Sporks
These super-light camping utensils are the perfect all-in-one tool for chowing down around a campfire (or at the kitchen table, for that matter). The bright colors makes it easy to make sure no one steals your utensil! Price: $9.95

Reusable Hand Warmers12. Reusable Hand Warmers
This one’s just about revolutionized our world: Squeeze the disk in the pouch, and watch the chemical reaction turn the gel-filled shape into an instant hand warmer. Once the heat’s run out (X hours later), simply re-set the warmers in a pot of boiling water, let cool, and get ready to use again. Price: $7.99 for four (Psst… if you want to get fancy, check out this hot water bottle-shaped option with its own knit mitten for $6.99!)

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern13. Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern
Don’t lie — being stuck in the woods without any light still triggers terrifying memories of The Blair Witch Project. On your loved one’s next camping trip, don’t let them get caught in the dark: This small lantern does it all — from flickering like a candle to shining bright with three settings (low, medium, and high). You can even hang it from a tent or right on your belt for easy access. Price: $39.95

Lifestraw14. Lifestraw
This amazing, hand-held device was built to provide safe, drinkable water pretty much anywhere. Each “straw” filters at least 254 gallons of water. Price: $19.95

Sea to Summit Pocket Towel15. Sea to Summit Pocket Towel
Bath towels are a creature comfort that’s a little hard to bring along on a hike. Until now! This microfiber towel is light (and small) enough to throw in any backpack. It absorbs tons of water yet dries quickly after it’s used. Price: $21.95

Leatherman Multitool16. Leatherman Multitool
This gadget has just about everything you could need, all in one place: regular and needle-nose pliers, scissors, three screwdrivers, wire cutters, a file, straight knife, and (most importantly) a bottle opener. Price: $29.95

Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal17. Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal
Three words: all weather paper. Functionally, this stuff’s made for recording field notes (coordinates, observations, wilderness….stuff?), but we think it’s great for recording anything that comes to mind while you’re out on the trail (or in the shower?). Price: $6

For Healthy Foodies

Sombrero Juicer18. Sombrero Juicer for Bottles
A little citrus juice can add a lot of flavor to a plain old bottle of water. But (as you may have realized while trying to shove lime slices into certain beers), getting citrus juice into a narrow-mouthed water bottle is pretty darn tricky. Luckily, someone heard our cries and created this teeny tiny juicer that sits perfectly atop any standard water bottle. Price: $5

Whale Tail Tea Infuser19. Whale Tail Tea Infuser
Sometimes, you just need to add some fun to tea time. Ocean mammal-shaped accessories are just the right way to do it. Remove the whale’s body, fill the metal filter with loose-leaf tea, and start steeping! The tail holds the tea in place so you don’t lose Moby Dick in the mug. Price: $13

LunchSkins20. Lunch Skins
Disposable lunch-time packaging — brown bags, plastic sandwich bags, tin foil juice boxes, the list goes on — creates (literal) tons of waste each year. Help save the planet (and give your lunch an attractive accessory) with these reusable sandwich bags. Price: $6.71 to $8.95

Khun Rikon Paring Knife21. Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife
These colorful, super-sharp paring knives are a Greatist favorite. They’re comfortable to hold, light in weight, but very sturdy. Plus, each one comes with its own protective cover so you don’t stab yourself while reaching into the knife drawer (very important) and the blade stays sharp for longer. Price: $9.66

Mini Stovetop Espresso Maker22. Mini Stovetop Espresso Maker
The full-sized version of this stovetop espresso maker is a fixture in many European kitchens. It uses steam pressure to extract a rich shot of espresso. The mini version makes the perfect single shot. (Think of it as a K-Cup machine without the cup… or the machine…). Price: $6.99

Mini Wine Bottles23. Mini Wine Bottles
This one’s for those 21 years of age and over, please! Those mini, single-serving wine bottles make perfect stocking stuffers — especially if the day to follow is packed with too much family time (Plus, red wine is packed with antioxidants). You can usually find these mini bottles at drug stores, grocery stores, or liquor stores that sell wine. Often, they’re sold in packs of four (the more, the better!) but you can sometimes buy them individually, too. Price: $6.99 to $10 per 4-pack (or $2.99 to $5.99 per bottle, depending on retailer)

Spiral Slicer24. Spiral Slicer
Ready for some shocking news? When sliced correctly, some vegetables make great substitutes for plain old pasta. This nifty tool does just that! Our favorite variety is zucchini, but summer squash, carrot, and cucumber all work wonderfully, too. Price: $29.99

Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters25. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters
These Ninja-shaped cookie cutters will beat old-time Gingerbread men to the curb. Who doesn’t want a cookie that looks like it could windmill kick your head? Price: $9.77 for set of 3

Aerolatte Milk Frother26. Areolate Milk Frother
Create the perfect latté or café au lait with this hand-held, battery-powered milk frother. Simply heat milk, froth for a few seconds, and pour into a mug with coffee. Great coffee does not necessitate a giant, hissing machine! Price: $17.50

Rub Away Bar27. Rub Away Bar
Lingering garlic smell — perhaps the only downside of cooking a delicious meal. No matter how much you suds up that soap, it seems the smell will never go away. But fun fact: rubbing those stinky fingers on stainless steal with cut the odor immediately! Keep this Rub Away Bar on hand in the kitchen to rub out the smell on command. Price: $9.99

Tea Bag Buddy28. Tea Bag Buddy
What do you do when it’s time to start steeping tea and there’s no napkin around to set the bag down on? Tea Bag Buddy to the rescue! Before plopping the bag in that mug, slip the string through this simple silicon contraption. When it’s time to remove, lift, squeeze, and set down. No drips! Price: $4.99

For Fitness Buffs/Runners

Trigger Point GRID Mini29. The GRID Mini
We’ve written about our favorite foam roller — the Trigger Point’s The GRID — before.And while it’s mini-me might not be small enough to fit in a stocking, it will fit perfectly around one. This compact version of our old standby is perfect for traveling, and works just the same in terms of soothing those sore muscles. Price: $24.99

Essential Low Cut Tab Lite Sock30. Brooks Running Low Cut Tab Running Socks
These moisture-wicking socks fit comfortably while also allowing circulation and wicking moisture away from the skin. The seams are engineered to help avoid blisters, as are the low-profile top and tab by the heel. Price: $17

The Stick 31. The Travel Stick
Any runner (or hardcore athlete) will appreciate this therapeutic present. This semi-flexible massage stick is an essential SMR (that’s self myofascial release) tool that hurts so good. (But also, really, ouch.)This 17-inch version is perfect peeking out the top of a stocking. Price: $27.50

Sip n' Go Collapsible Water Bottle32. Sip n’ Go (BPA-Free) Spill-Proof Collapsible Bottle
This lightweight, reusable, collapsible water bottle snaps closed when empty, making it super easy to throw in your bag when heading out the door. It’s easy to drink from and is freezer-safe, so you can have cold water all day long. Price: $7.99

Nuun Hydration33. NUUN Hydration
Nuun’s hydration tabs are formulated specifically to help endurance athletes replenish their electrolytes during intense exercise — with 14 subtle flavors, and no sugar or carbs. Not an endurance athlete? Nuun’s U Nautral Hydration offers an all-natural, lower-electrolyte option, and Nuun All Day Hydration flavors plain ol’ water with an all-natural blend of vitamins and minerals (which even non-athletes can enjoy).Price: $18 to $24 for 4 tubes (each containing 12 servings)

iTunes Gift Card34. iTunes Gift Card
Who doesn’t love rockin’ some tunes while breaking a sweat? For the music and app lovers out there, an iTunes gift card can never hurt. They’ll be able to buy something they want, and the cards are super easy to pick up last-minute at any major drugstore (or buy online and send via email). Price: You choose!

Vega One Nutritional Shake 35. Vega All-In-One Nutritional Shake
Each 140-calorie, single-serve pouch of this vegan protein powder contains 15 grams of plant-based protein, 6 grams of fiber, 3 servings of vegetables, and 1.5 grams of omega-3s. In other words, it’s packed with the good stuff. It comes in five flavors, but our pick is the French Vanilla. Price: $3.99 per pouch

WristStash36. WristStash
Keep keys, cash, credit card, and anything else important safe while on the run with this zippable wrist band. No more sticking money in your sweaty, stinky shoes! Price: $14.99

SKLZ Accupoint37. SKLZ Accupoint
This miniature massager is pretty much magic for any back pains. The curved double-ball design cradles the spine perfectly to apply pressure in all the right places. Price: $14.99

Road ID Supernova Light38. Road ID Supernova Light
This ultra-bright light makes running or cycling after dark so much safer. It easily attaches to pretty much anything with a comfortable plastic clip, making you unmissable to any passing vehicles. Price: $12.99

Gaiam Yoga Mat Strap39. Gaiam Yoga Mat Strap
Ditch that bulky yoga mat bag for a simple strap like this one. Two short straps wrap around the mat keep it from unrolling, leaving a soft, comfortable should strap. Wear cross-body or over one shoulder — both are perfectly comfortable! Price: $9.50

Resistance Bands40. Resistance Exercise Bands
These simple rubber loops are great for making so many bodyweight exercises just a little bit more challenging. Plus, they’re small and easy to tote around just about anywhere. Price: $9.99 for 3

For Snacking

Rawxies41. Rawxies
We know — raw, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free bars don’t sound too tasty. But these (gluten-free) oat flour-based treats are, surprisingly, really delicious. The heart-shaped snacks are a hybrid nutritional bar-cookie, but they taste great with just enough sweetness and staying power (to keep you full till the next meal!). We’re big fans of the mint chocolate chip version! Price: $2.50 each

Chia Shots42. The Chia Company Chia Shots
These on-the-go packets of chia seeds are perfect to bring for a long day at work. Sprinkle over a salad or into yogurt, or make your own chia pudding with a glass of almond milk (and a few hours, to let it set). They’re also great for traveling! Price: $7.19 for a pack of 10

Emmy's Organics Macaroons43. Emmy’s Organics Raw Macaroons
These raw, vegan, gluten-free macaroons will not make you miss the traditional stuff. Made from a base of organic shredded coconut, agave,almond flour, and coconut oil, each of Emmy’s seven varieties are brought to life with additional extracts and add-ins to get some intense, rich (but still health-friendly) flavors. (Bonus Points: Emmy’s macaroons are also certified GMO-free.) Price: $3.50 for a bag of 3

AlterEco Velvet Truffles44. AlterEco Velvet Truffles
These coconut-oil based chocolate treats are a Greatist HQ favorite. Yes, they’re still rich chocolates, so don’t over-indulge. But each piece contains less than 5 grams of sugar and only 78 calories. We’d say that’s not too terrible for a little sweet treat! Price: $7.99 for a bag of 10

Blender Bottle GoStak45. Blender Bottle GoStak
If your special someone brings handy snacks wherever they go, this stocking-stuffer is for them. Blender Bottle’s GoStak is made to fit inside their bottles (for easy transport). However, even without the bottle, these handy containers hold snacks of any sort. The jars come in a range of sizes, so you can pick-and-choose which work for you. Price: $12.99

Justin's Nut Butter Squeeze Packs46. Justin’s Nut Butter Squeeze Packs
Justin’s fun nut butter flavors are always a winner in the Greatist offices. Their 80-calorie squeeze packs are perfect for stuffing in stockings, too. Pack it in there with an apple for a healthy all-in-one snack. (Maple-Almond and Chocolate-Hazelnut are always popular!) Price: $1.20 each

Krave Jerky47. Krave Jerky
The days of creepy-looking Slim Jims are over. If you want to gift a salty treat, give this trendy (beef, pork, or turkey) jerky a try. All eight flavors are all-natural and free of gluten, nitrates, MSG, and corn syrup. Each piece of meat is hand-sliced, marinated for 48 hours, and then baked, resulting in some seriously moist and tender jerky. (We’ve heard the sweet chipotle is pretty killer!) Price: $7 per pack

KIND Bars48. KIND Bars
It’s no secret that KIND bars are a Greatist team favorite. They have just enough protein to keep us full and come in a ton of awesome flavors, so there’s always something for everyone. If you’re after something sweet, we love the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew flavor. For something a bit more mild, try the Almond Cashew Flax. Price: $1.75 each

Sun Cups49. Sun Cups
When peanut butter cups get old (trust us — it can happen!), give these nut-free imitations a try. The flavor’s very similar, but sun butter’s just a little bit sweeter and slightly less rich than traditional peanut butter. (Plus, it’s safe for those with nut allergies!) Price: $2.09

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