Handshakes are disgusting. The Centers for Disease Control says so — up to 80 percent of infectious diseases are transmitted through our hands (gah-ross).

To combat the spread of illness-causing bacteria (and icky leftover jelly from that lunchtime PB&J), James Hamblin, reporter for The Atlantic, makes a case for banishing the handshake and making way for the fistbump. In this quippy, short video, the health editor argues that knocking fists is the best way to keep us healthy and safe. It’s kind of brilliant.

Forgoing the classic handshake for a “hipper” (and historically less respectful) gesture may be unexpected among the suit set, but Hamblin poses an important question: “Is it fistbumping that’s awkward or is it us that’s awkward?” We’ll leave that up for debate. (Hint: It’s YOU. You’re the awkward one!)

Before you get all bump-happy in the workplace (or use that phrase in the workplace out of context), make sure to watch this video on loop to learn the dos and don’ts of the fistbump — including don’t paw at someone’s fist like a confused puppy.

If you learn one thing about the fistbump, it's this. Don’t even acknowledge that it’s happening or it happened, just go with it.

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