If you were one of the more than 10 million people to view Dove’s installment of its Real Beauty Campaign (see below), then you likely learned the message that women are much more beautiful than they think they are.

The video shows a handful of women asked to explain what they look like, while a forensic sketch artist (who cannot see them) draws their face via those descriptions. He then whips up yet another illustration, but this time draws from depictions of the women’s faces from others who have just met them. When the women view the sketches, side-by-side, most are shocked. Without fail, the drawings based on how others viewed the women were more accurate and even more attractive. The clip closes with the tagline “You are more beautiful than you think.”

Internet comedy group NewFeelingstime crafted a cheeky parody of Dove’s most recent video. The spoof demonstrates the same drawing experiment, but instead focuses on men’s interpretations of themselves. Though one of the men sources his “bulge” as his most prominent feature, and another thinks he has a really wonderful smile, other people don’t think they’re all that. Setting out to poke fun at men’s egos (and the emotion of Dove’s video) the clip ends with, “Men. You’re less beautiful than you think.” While this parody certainly has its funny moments — “the older I’ve gotten, the more stunning I’ve gotten,” “he looked like he smelled really bad” — it should by no means belittle Dove’s message.

As silly as the dudes-that-think-they’re-really-sexy video is, women’s beauty hasn’t been Dove’s only topic of discussion. We’ve covered Dove’s efforts to improve the portrayal of men in the media, and give props to the company for addressing body issues that affect both men and women.

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