Pie isn’t only for the dessert table! Just in time for cool late-fall weather, we’re bringing you five healthier savory pies to make for dinner this week. From lightened-up chicken pot pies to veggie-heavy tarts, these five recipes provide comfort food without all the calories. Best of all, these dishes are great for a crowd and keep well in the fridge for lunch the next day! Grab your favorite casserole dish, pie plate, or set of ramekins and get cooking.

Photo: Sylvia / Feasting at Home

Veggies steal the show in these mini, lightened-up pot pies. Use vegan puff pastry or go DIY to make the topping suit your needs. If fresh veggies are hard to find, don’t hesitate to sub in the frozen variety instead.

Photo: Raquel D’Onofrio / Kitchin-It

This is more of a tart than a traditional pie, but we won’t tell if you won’t. Goat cheese, potatoes, rosemary, tomatoes, and Dijon mustard come together to make this savory, French-inspired main dish. Serve it with a big green salad for a quick, healthy dinner.

Photo: Emily Caruso / Jelly Toast

This health-ified version of classic pot pie includes plenty of veggies, such as celery, carrots, sweet potato, peas, and onion. Add a little fiber by topping the whole tasty mix with a whole-wheat crust.

Photo: Kiersten / Oh My Veggies

Sliced zucchini, black beans, and frozen corn add some oomph to this Tex-Mex dish, so there’s no need to overload on cheese. Switch in gluten-free tortillas to make this a perfect meal for grain-free friends.

Photo: Bev / Bev Cooks

These adorable vegetarian shepherd’s pies get their vibrant hue from mashed baby purple potatoes! Find the bright spuds at a local farm of seasonal market to brighten up your dinner.

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