Bras can be uncomfortable, but are they beneficial to your health? Spoiler: There are pros and cons, so it comes down to your personal preferences.

Some of us stopped reading after the headline — sold.

Though going braless is a way of life for some, others may wonder what happens when you stop wearing a bra.

Does going braless cause sagging? Or is it healthier not to wear a bra? Let’s get into it.

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The science community has no solid vote on the bras vs. no-bras debate. But when it comes to going braless, there are a few possible perks (pun intended).

Better circulation and shoulder mobility

There’s a reason why whipping off your bra at the end of the day feels so damn good — your boobs *and* blood get to flow freely. This is largely thanks to improved circulation that comes from no confinement. This is especially true if your bra fits too tightly.

A 2018 study suggests wearing bras limits shoulder mobility, so ditching yours may help you shimmy those shoulders better.

More comfort over time

The more often you go braless, the comfier you may feel about it over time. At first, going braless may feel hella revealing (my eyes are up here, buddy), but odds are you’ll get used to it after a while. Plus, if you used to sleep in a bra, some research suggests you may find better rest when you ditch yours.

Better breast skin health

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had skin tags from your bra rubbing up on ya in the same spot too many times. Us too. Ditching your bra may help you avoid some of that chafing or skin irritation — or at least give you a break from it.

Improved muscle tone and breast shape

Without the confinement of a bra, your chest and back muscles can kick into gear, naturally supporting your breasts. This increased muscle engagement may lead to improved tone over time. Plus, letting your breasts move freely can promote better circulation and lymphatic drainage, potentially easing discomfort and reducing the risk of issues like mastalgia.

Remember, more research is necessary to grasp the true extent of these benefits, and how they play out can vary depending on your body type and lifestyle.

Myth alert!

Though you’ll occasionally see things floating around online about bras causing cancer, this myth has been debunked.

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For bigger-breasted folks (C cup and up) *never ever* wearing a bra may someday contribute to sagging, but most major factors for sagging are instead linked to things like:

Another possible braless bummer for the big titty committee: back pain.

Wearing a properly fitted bra can help ease the strain on your back. Of course, a proper-fitting, comfortable bra can also keep breasts in place during the day, helping you move around and work out more easily.

Bra or no bra ultimately comes down to your preference: smaller boobs may get away with the lack of support, while larger breasts could use the support to protect them from back strain.

Research has yet to confirm the health benefits of wearing or not wearing bras, and future sagging is largely tied to other factors, such as BMI, pregnancy, genetics, and more. If you decide to keep your bras around, be sure they fit properly!