It doesn’t have to be peanut-butter-jelly time all day long. The healthy oils and protein in peanut butter can be useful in more ways than one.

For starters, use peanut butter to get rid of pesky odors coming from the kitchen. Now that we know omega-3’s can boost brainpower, we may be cooking up fish for dinner more often. To avoid the fishy scent that lingers in the house, throw a spoonful of peanut butter in the pan. Let it sit there while the fish is frying — it absorbs the stinky smell.

Craving a protein shake bur don’t want the chalky protein powder taste? Don’t skip the protein altogether. Instead add a spoonful of peanut butter to the mix. Or go the nut-butter route on a piece of toast rather than spreading butter or margarine.

And when out of shaving gel, grab the Skippy and shave away. (Stick to the creamy kind.) The natural oils in the nut butter help moisturize the skin, leaving behind a nice nutty scent.

Here’s one more surprising superpower of peanut butter: its ability to remove gum from hair. As we’re chewing away to help raise our IQ, the wad may get stuck in those golden locks. But no need to get an emergency pixie cut. Smear the peanut butter on the gummy area and rub it in with a toothbrush — the oils get rid of gum’s sticky factor. Then comb out the gum with the toothbrush or a hair comb. Just remember to shower after.