Need some suggestions for the best workout apps around? Our ambassadors have some favorites that help em making healthier choices. From workout ideas and apps for better sleep and tools to track your healthy breakfast, here are some apps you could (and should!) check out today.

1. Bit Timer

Mindy Nienhouse My favorite fitness app is Bit Timer.It’s a no-frills, incredibly user-friendly app that makes interval training so simple.

2. Twitter

Jennifer Hudy I absolutely love the Twitter app! In the beginning, I thought it was silly to be limited to 140 characters and I would have no idea what to type. Now I find it a great way to network with other bloggers and a way to engage my readers multiple times during the day!!

3. BodyRock

Dena Krischer has the best daily routines. Period. The gals who run that site are fit and totally adorable. They will inspire you with their flawless figures an positive attitude, and challenge you to do workouts that will make you say, “You want me to do WHAT?!” And then you’ll do it and be like. “WOAH. I just did WHAT?!”

4. Nike Training App

Marielle Burch One of my favorite apps is the Nike Training Club. It has lots of quick full body workout options as well as specific body parts. I like that most of the exercises use your body weight and light weight (instead of needing a lot of equipment).

5. MyFitnessPal

Amber Williford I love using the MyFitnessPal app to help keep track my food consumption. It has tons of pre-logged food or you can use the barcode scanner to instantly enter the nutritional information of a certain food. Plus there is a great online community there in case you need a little motivation and support!

6. Sleep Cycle

Chelsea ClarkSleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns at night and shows you the quality of your sleep. The app tracks your movements while you sleep and is able to tell when you are in a deep sleep, light sleep, or awake. It’s also really fun to see how your sleeping habits change over time. I have noticed that when I’m stressed at work I hit the “deep sleep” cycle much faster than on weekends.

7. dailymile

Ashley Diamond I lovedailymile! I’ve it for the past 2 years and have loved how easy it makes tracking workouts even when traveling, finding new running routes in foreign cities like Geneva, and gaining motivation others on the site!