Drinking is fun — in moderation, of course! — but is it also a healthy choice? Greatist has been tackling the myths and researching the health benefits of beer, wine, and liquor to bring out the straight, totally sober facts about alcohol. We’ve collected 36 of our best tips, hacks, recipes, and resources to make drinking healthier, smarter, and a bit more fun (we even figured out how to skip the hangover!).

Sober Truths

Getting Drunk May Unleash Creativity

Getting a little inebriated isn’t just for kicks (or drunk texting). Research suggests knocking back a few may help when we need some creative inspiration.

Is Light Beer a Healthier Choice

Will choosing a light beer keep that beer gut in check, or is it only a tease?

Is Drinking Red Wine Actually Good For You?

Finally, an excuse to drink wine everyday (err… in moderation). Studies suggest red wine actually does have some health benefits after all, so put down that apple and pick up that glass to keep the doctor away!

Hack Your Beer: Pedicures, Food, and Beer Shampoo

Beer for your feet? A better way to cook rice? These four beer hacks (and a bonus beer flavors guide) will change the way you look at those leftover brews.

Gargle Whiskey for a Sore Throat

Love whiskey, but tired of sipping it straight up (or sipping it at all)? No fear — we’ve uncovered four surprising ways to keep that bottle from collecting dust in the liquor cabinet.

The Healthier Drinker

60 Healthier Drinks for Boozing

Shots, spritzers, cocktails, and more — we rounded up 60 of the healthiest drink recipes out there.

The Truth Behind Binge Drinking

From college kids to senior citizens, Americans are drinking more often than ever. And forget hangovers and a maxed-out credit card — binge drinking can take a toxic toll on our health.

For A Healthy Heart, Try Beer

Don’t be afraid to knock back a cold one this summer. Studies suggest one to two alcoholic drinks a day — including beer — can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Battle of the Brands: Calories in Beer

How do those favorite brews compare in calories, carbs, and alcohol content? We pitched some of the world’s most popular brands (and their mascots) against each other in the ultimate battle for beer supremacy. Featuring a downloadable version perfect for any beer lover’s desktop.

Studies Show Benefits of Beer

Downing brews may actually boost health? A new study suggests drinking beer may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Organic Alcohol: What It is, How It’s Different, and Does It Really Prevent Hangovers?

With its pesticide-free makeup, is organic booze worth the switch?

Alcohol and Exercise

Why Alcohol and Exercise Don’t Mix

Sip on this: Alcohol can really get in the way of playing an A-game. So perhaps it’s time to find another way to calm those nerves before the big game and celebrate a win when it’s all said and done.

Why Do Alcohol Drinkers Exercise More?

Studies suggest there might be a positive correlation between alcohol consumption and time spent exercising. But does this mean drinkers are natural gym rats, or is there more to the story?

Does Drinking Alcohol Ruin Post-Exercise Recovery?

Just how will last night’s cocktails effect today’s athletic performance? Research suggests that while heavy alcohol consumption decreases muscle recovery, light to moderate drinking has relatively little effect.

The Morning After

The Health Expert’s Guide to Boozing Like a Pro

Guest contributor and dietician Nicole Brender talks about boozing the healthy way.

What Type of Drunk Am I?

Throwing punches at the wall or sobbing in the bathroom? It turns out how someone acts drunk has a lot to do with their sober personality. Check out our handy guide to find out what you’ll be like next happy hour.

13 Legit Ways to Stop a Hangover

Indulged in an extra glass (or four) of wine? Read on for ways to prevent or cure that hangover the next time that bottle ends up empty.

What Happens to the Brain When You Black Out

Having trouble remembering last night? Alcohol consumption impairs cognitive and memory functions, causing blackouts during episodes of heavy drinking.

Any alcohol tips or recipes we’re missing? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!