Pinterest: It’s all the rage. But it’s not just a platform to explore pretty pictures. Behind those snazzy pics are everything including killer healthy recipes, fitness tips, motivational quotes, and workout ideas. We rounded up our favorite boards so everyone can go ahead and put a pin in it. Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Fitness Fitness Fitness, by Mariah Hofstad. Is that health and fitness routine getting a little old? This board has a ton of great ideas to spice things up, from interval workouts to fun ways to use protein powder (no shake or straw included!).

  2. Health and Fitness, by Lindsey Bray. This board has it all: how-to workout videos, quick exercise ideas, and inspiration to get the most out of that sweat session.

  3. Inspiration inspiration inspiration, by Patty Hensley. The positive quotes on this board will add a little hope and brightness to anyone’s day, inspiring us all to keep on keepin’ on.

  4. Food That’s Healthy, by How Does She. There are green smoothies, then there are green smoothies turned into popsicles. And then the homemade fruit roll-ups. There’s no clicking the back button from this board.

  5. FITNESS, by Inge Falappino. Want to learn how to sculpt every part of the body with some fun workouts? Then head over to this board for over 200 pins of training plans and workout guides.

  6. Motivation, motivation, motivation, by Amanda Haddon. Sometimes all it takes are some simple words to inspire that inner Greatist! So for some motivation and mood lifting, check out what this board has to say.

  7. Healthy food, by Ves151. Nectarine pizza with a side of toasted coconut quinoa? Sign us up! Check out these innovative recipes that’ll satisfy every healthy taste bud.

  8. Fitness and Health, by Kate @ 26TL. If ever in need of some incentive to get that butt out of bed, head here. Our favorite pin? This quote: “Don’t just get skinny, get in the best shape of your f*!$king life.”

  9. Food — Healthy, by Janet Marie. Welcome to Food Nutrition 101! Venture here for information on what sugar actually does to the body, what foods are best to help burn fat, and how fish oil may help our health.

  10. Recipes/Healthy Food That Looks Good!, by Angela Palmer. Undecided about what’s for dinner? That’s now a problem of the past, thanks to this board! Check it out, and baked eggplant fries and Moroccan chicken could be on tonight’s dinner table!

  11. I Work Out, by Holly Johnston. Keep calm and do some P90X. Then eat a (healthy) cream cheese brownie. These pins — and much much more — make up this killer board.

  12. Looks Delicious, by Susan Sweet. The colors on this board scream healthy and delicious. With hearty dinner ideas and just enough sweet-treats, these recipe ideas will surely be a hit among any crowd, big or small.

  13. Healthy Me, by Paula Carangan. This well-rounded board has everything to keep that health in check. Core exercises and healthier Starbucks options are just the beginning!
  14. Fitness Fitness Fitness, by Brianna Lynne. Side bends, v-sits, and straddle-squeezes oh my! Make this a go-to stop to find ideas to work any muscle group the right way.

  15. Eat Your Veggies, by Whole Foods. This health-conscious grocery chain goes beyond aisle five. Browse around to see some of their favorite fruits n’ veggies and how to spice em up. (Fig Brulee, anyone?)

  16. All About Avocado, by Small Kitchen College. It’s not just for guac. From avocado pound cake, to deep-friedavocado (yep, they went there), there’s nothing this green little fruit can’t do.
  17. Motivation, Motivation, Motivation!, by Stacy Seyfang. Sometimes we all need a little tough love to start putting those goals into action. This board can help remind us all that it doesn’t get easier — we just get better.
  18. Inspire me to Inspire you, by Autumn Spicer. For some kind and practical advice, this is the place to go. Let the words of others inspire us all to be a bit stronger!
  19. Get Moving Get Buff, by Hannah Chapman. Need a quick workout idea for every day of the week (and a smoothie to go along with it?!) This board will have everyone lacing up those sneaks and refueling right.

  20. Eat Up, by Michael Kors. Kors shares more than fashion tips with this board. Maple grilled salmon and stuffed peppers, for instance. Who said eating deliciously (and fashionably) doesn’t also mean nutritiously, too?

  21. Healthy Food, by Barb Kelly. The pins on this board are perfect for summer. From smoothies to salads, there’s enough to keep the body cool and appetite content all hours of the day.
  22. Smoothies, by Karen Dugan. From post-workout smoothies, to breakfast blends and after-dinner treats, this board has every smoothie need covered. We dare you not to start salivating after taking a look!

  23. Fitness Fitness Fitness, by Alex Blocher. A water bottle that calculates how much water is required for that workout, a killer 5K plan, and 100 kick-ass workout songs? Say no more — this board fulfills all our fitness-needs!

  24. Chobani Kitchen, by Chobani. From their kitchen to our computer screen! While their yogurt is perfect in parfait form, there are other endless ways to get creative with Greek yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  25. Salads and Veggies, by Serious Eats. Take that garden salad up a notch! These salad ideas will make eating all your veggies as easy as…pie.

  26. Low-Calorie Cocktails, by Fitsugar. Enjoying a few drinks doesn’t have to equal crazy amounts of calories. Learn the best ways to take back the booze (or tasty mocktails!) without the extra sugar.

  27. Fit, by Erin Freedman. What’s the point of working out if it isn’t a blast? Check out this board for videos, tips, and products that make fitness fun! (Our favorite? The “Beach Workout” pin!)
  28. Healthy Healthy Healthy, by Brittany McClendon. From healthier grilled cheese to baking with chickpeas, these healthier spins on some favorite eats are finally at our fingertips.

  29. Motivation, Motivation, Motivation, by Kristin Riggs. For help sticking to healthy diet and fitting in those daily workouts, this board is the place to go! With some killer workout ideas along with mantras to push us along, it’ll be hard to stay stuck on the couch.

  30. From the Greatist Team, by Greatist. Let’s be honest, heading over to the Greatist team board can offer some light-hearted laughs. Besides, what better way to get motivated than learning you can have a water cooler dispense white wine?!

Did we miss any of your favorites? Share with us in the comments below!