This week, Greatist celebrated the 4th of July (and summer as a whole) in style. We rounded up 12 fun ways to stay fit outdoors while hanging out with friends, 27 unexpected foods to throw on the grill (hint: ice cream is on the list), and a festive cool cocktail sure to spice up any summer party.

While the rest of us were eating and drinking in red, white, and blue style, our founder Derek was hitting the first roadblock in his great #Absperiment as he discovered that sticking to a strict diet while traveling and trying to appease a Russian grandmother on her birthday is no easy feat. That’s okay, though, because we also revealed the top 15 crusaders for health we believe are making some serious strides to improving our food system as a whole (so maybe getting healthy food in the airport food court will be easier in years to come). Hope you enjoy! —Kate Morin


Top 15 Crusaders for Health in the Food Industry

Need better school lunches? Or maybe more fresh, local produce? Or perhaps more sustainably produced meat? Here are 15 people making a huge difference in America’s food industry.

Recipe: Watermelon-Lime Ice Pops

Say hello to summer with these refreshing watermelon pops. The best part? Only three ingredients!

15 Guilt-Free Ways to Indulge in Chocolate

Here’s the best way to celebrate National Chocolate Day this July 7th (and beyond)! Let the wrappers fly because here are 15 ways to get that chocolate fix without feeling bad about it later.

19 Cool Ideas for Beating the Summer Heat

It is hot, hot, hot! If we can’t be cold, at least we can think cool thoughts. Let these 19 photos transport you to cooler climes.

Greatist Smoothie Contest! 3 Delicious, Nutritious Smoothie Winners

The results are in and Greatist has found our favorite, user-submitted smoothie. Check out the tasty winner and some fantastic honorable mentions!

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

What’s the vitamin that makes eating heaps of dairy (ice cream doesn’t count) and laying in the sun all day (with proper sun block, of course) Greatist-approved? Say hello to our new best friend, vitamin D.

How Do I Know If I’m Dehydrated?

When the body’s fluid level gets low, it turns on symptoms like sticky mouth, headache, and fatigue. Eek! Learn the signs of dehydration and never let the tank run dry!

27 Unexpected Foods to Grill This Summer

Forget hotdogs and hamburgers — try these surprising foods that are perfect on the barbecue.

Cocktail Hour: Strawberries and Stripes Daiquiri

This fruity cocktail is perfect for any celebration barbecue. Plus, it packs in three Greatist superfoods!


The 21 Most Incredible Themed Races

There’s a perfect race for everyone — competitive eaters, exhibitionists, and wine lovers alike. Check out our top 21 picks that’ll really knock your socks off. On your marks, get set, go!

How to Rock a Summer Workout Despite the Heat

Think it’s too hot outside to work out? Think again! Here’s the lowdown on how to prep for the heat and get your sweat on – safely.

Know Before You Go: White Water Rafting

Feeling adventurous? Hit the river this summer to try your hand at white water rafting. You’ll likely be drenched — in water and sweat — after this workout that’s more fun than work.

Olympic Cheat Sheet: Beach Volleyball

What better summer Olympic sport than beach volleyball, where sand serves as the home turf? Learn about this sport’s Olympic history and which U.S. president cheered on The Beatles during a game on Sorrento Beach!

How Do I Recover From a Marathon

It seems like running a marathon is on everyone’s bucket list. But how long does it take the body to recover, and are there ways to speed up the process?

In the Gym With Andrea Hudy, KU Strength Coach

Training isn’t just for the boys. Read on for this exclusive Q&A with Andrea Hudy, the strength and conditioning coach credited with taking KU’s men’s basketball program to new heights.

Six-Pack Abs in Six Weeks #Absperiment: Traveling Sucks

Our founder goes on a six-pack abs in six weeks challenge and shares his journey… so you don’t have to. Follow along on his recap of Week Three.

12 Ways to Stay Fit This July 4th

Didn’t we see fireworks last year? This July 4th, kick the standard celebration up a notch. From kickball to canoeing to camping trips, get the patriotic party moving in the great outdoors.

Links We Love: Olympic Fitness Tips (and More)

Ready for some weekend link-love? From ways to stay hydrated in the summer heat to a killer upper-body workout, we’ve found our favorite links from around the web.

Goalball: A Paralympic Sport, like Dodgeball for the Blind

What’s harder than playing dodgeball? Doing it blind. Goalball will be going to London for the Paralympic games. Learn how this competition went from rehab method to official sport.

Quote: Olympics Spirit and “Fighting Well”

Other than having a rocking moustache, Pierre de Coubertin also founded the International Olympics Committee and believed the “fight” was more important than the “win.”


Why Do We Sleepwalk?

Some get up and drive to work. Others prepare a five-course feast. A few even put the moves on a bedmate. Thirty percent of Americans have sleepwalked at least once. Could you be one of them?