From workout advice and nutritious recipes to motivational quotes and yoga poses, Twitter is a great (not the greatist, that’s us!) source for healthy living tips— but only if you’re following the right people.

After a rigorous evaluation process, The Greatist Team whittled down the entire Twittersphere to only the top 116 Greatist-approved twitter handles worth following. Here’s the complete list:

Strength Training

@JasonFerruggia World-renowned strength and conditioning specialist plus chief training adviser for Men’s Fitness, Jason Ferruggia shares his fat blasting #hardcore tips.

@craigballantyne Starting at the gym? See what certified strength and conditioning specialist (and founder of Turbulence Training Craig Ballantyne) is up to.

@ChrisHighcock Chris Highcock is the go-to guy for Conditioning Research. Literally.

@erwan_le_corre Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat and tweets his natural movement philosophy.

@louschuler Lou Schuler’s an award-winning journalist plus a diet and strength training guru.

@johnromaniello Fitness coach, trainer, and author John Romaniello helps people achieve and surpass their fitness goals.

@stevekamb Nerd Fitness “rebel leader” Steve Kamb travels the world tweeting about inspiration and fitness.

@tomvenuto Bodybuilder, trainer, and author Tom Venuto tweets on fitness, burning fat, and personal development.


@iRunnerBlog Scott of iRunnerBlog is the host of the weekly Sunday #runchats.

@profspiker Check in with Runner’s World Big Guy blogger Ted Spiker. (He’s also the co-author of YOU books with @DrOz)

@JohnDurant John Durant tackles paleo eating, barefoot running, and CrossFit training.

@BornToRunChris Chris McDougall, author of Born To Run, gives you the runaround of what you need to know about running.


@TaraStiles Tara Stiles makes yoga accessible to the non-yogis. She helps you touch your toes and stuff.

@elenabrower Elena Brower was Eva Mendes’ first yoga teacher. Eva Mendes is good at yoga, thus, by the transitive property…

@SadieNardini Want a strong core? Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and will help you get there!

@lululemon Fitness apparel brand Lululemon practices the lifestyle they preach. #sweatonceaday

@yogadork Yogadork takes a look at the not-so-serious side of yoga.

Workout Tips

@fitsugar FitSugar tweets daily workout tips, motivation, and news.

@ChaleneJohnson Chalene Johnson tweets relatable fitness tips for the everyday person.

@keithnorris Tweets on diet and fitness tips “for busy, intelligent people” from Keith Norris.

@MeaghanBMurphy What does a Self magazine editor do to stay fit? Here’s a sneak peek into Fitness Director Meaghan B Murphy’s fit life.

@MyTrainerBob Want to train with Bob Harper? Here’s the closest most of us will get to the loveable Biggest Loser trainer.

@JeffHalevy Fitness expert Jeff Halevy was a top contender to replace @JillianMichaels on The Biggest Loser. Here’s why.

@Kwidrick Katy Widrick started the weekly #Fitblog chats.

@Stephenholt Fitness expert Stephen Holt dishes out quick and easy tips (like the truth about “the muffin top”).

@FitBottomedGirl These gals keep it real when it comes to staying fit…. Queen would be proud.

@RobbWolf Robb Wolf is a leading expert in paleo nutrition and is co-owner of NorCal Strength and Conditioning gym.

@ToddDurkin Todd Durkin’s the hardcore author of The IMPACT! Body Plan and is Head of The Under Armour Performance Training Council,which it turns out is a real thing.

@FITNESSKarla A sneak peek into the behind-the-scene world at Fitness magazine thanks to Editorial Assistant Karla Walsh.

@Feather “GeekFit” Derek Featherstone tweets on design, training, triathlons, and more.

@BodyRockTV Check out thesehardcore workouts from the Body Rock team.

@TFerriss Author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body Tim Ferris basically just doing his thing.

@mikeyoung CEO Human Performance Consulting-Athletic Lab Mike Young will help you get harder, better, faster, stronger. But mostly faster.

@Gunnar A-List trainer Gunnar Peterson shares his celebrity-approved workouts.

General Healthy Living

@VitalJuice The latest juicy tips in fitness, nutrition, wellness, and beauty

@drbillsukula Exercise physiologist Dr. Bill Sukula bringing you health information in a way that’s down-to-earth and sensible.

@RonGuttman HealthTap Founder Ron Guttman tackles the health industry.

@HealthTap Reimaging healthcare via customizable networks.

@BJFogg The geeky side of health, BJ Frogg is a guru in terms of using mobile technology to improve health.

@Rock_Health The rock star accelerator of health apps.

@ShelbylaneMD Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD, also known as the “ageless doctor,” tweets on laughter and more

@zentofitness The no-nonsense guide, must-follow guide to staying fit and living well.

@sparkpeople Tweets from the website designed to help everyone reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

@GreatistBlog Seriously the #Greatist person to follow. We’ll leave it at that.

@thederek Founder of The #Greatist, Derek Flanzraich.

Holistic Health

@DrFrankLipman Founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness, Dr. Frank Lipman is the guy Kevin Bacon and Maggie Gyllenhaal seek out… which is a good thing.

@KimsHealthTips Celebrity nutritionist (known for her glowing green smoothie) Kimberly Snyder tweets holistic nutritional tips like what type of granola to buy and beautifying foods.

@DrWeil Insight from Dr. Weil, an industry leader in integrative medicine and nutrition.

@DrLindseyDuncan Naturopathic nutrition expert Dr. Lindsey Duncan treks around the world in search of nature’s best medicine,and tweets along the way.

@mercola Dr. Mercola, renowned natural health physician and online natural health care evangelist, tweets his natural approach to healthy living.


@Bodybybass Motivation served in 140 characters from ofTrainer Teddy Bass.

@Sarahstanley Sarah Stanely runs 100 mile marathons like its NBD and tweets along the way.

@DailyEvolution Owner of Evolution Total Wellness Alicia Kirschenheiter shares inspirational tweets designed to inspire.

@Jonosapien Check out the daily whereabouts of athlete Jonas Caruana and just try to keep up.

@Johnisfit Follow John’s now-four year journey from “fat to fit.”

@Kris_Carr Follow Kris Carr (cancer survivor) on her Crazy Sexy Life journey.

@ElephantJournal Waylon Lewis tweets on the “mindful” life.

@Fitnessita Gina makes us want to step away from the computer and hit the gym.


@CJNutrition Tweet tips on how to eat like a nutritionist from two of them.

@JoelHarperFit Regular FIT TIPS including the nutritional benefits of common foods like beets, papaya, and more from Joel Harper

@CynthiaSass Eat like an athlete with tips from Cynthia Sass, RD, the sports nutrition consultant to the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays.

@ChoosingRaw Clinical nutritionist Gena Hamshaw shares her ultimate recipe box of healthy dishes.

@bradpilon Brad Pilon’s the author of Eat Stop Eat and a short term fasting advocate.

@AthleticFoodie Can’t decide what’s for dinner? Check out these yummy tweets of recipes made for athletes.

@NellStephenson Everything you ever wanted to know about eating paleo from nutritionist Nell Stephenson.

@marionnestle Tweets from Marion Nestle, NYU Professor of Nutrition, author of Food Politics, and industry thought leader

@DamyHealth Let trainer Amy Layne power up your meal with her simple, yet nutritious recipes tweets like roasted chickpeas.

@ScritchfieldRD Creator of Nurture Principles and The Me Movement, dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield also moderates the #mefirst chats.

@MarcimSRD Head Dietician at @Shopwell Marci Harnischfeger shares her favorite eat-healthy tricks.

@GaryTaubes Why We Get Fat author Gary Taubes tweets on medicine, nutrition, how sugar is toxic, and more.

@KateFGold Foodie fun from the social media director for @FoodNetwork, Kate Farber Gold.

@dougkalmanphdrd Sports nutrition expert Douglas Kalman MD tweets on how to make food work for you.

@bittman New York Times food writer, author of Food Matters, and influencer Mark Bittman shares some delicious recipes.

@Mark_Sisson Author of The Primal Blueprint and the legend behind Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson tweets his daily apply tips on health, nutrition, and fitness.

@guygourmet Guy “grub” facts and nutrition news and from Men’s Health.


@wsjhealthblog Insight and analysis on health and health business from the Wall Street Journal.

@nytimeshealth New York Times’ health news.

@LATimesHealth Health and medical news from the Los Angeles Times.

@NYTimesWell/@TaraParkerPope Trying to understand the latest research? The NYT Well blogger Tara Parker Pope digs through the science-y stuff for you.

@sanjayguptaCNN Tweets from well-known CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

@MayoClinic What’s up, doc? News and updates from the Mayo Clinic.

@ClevelandClinic What’s up, other doc? News and updates from the Cleveland Clinic, too.

@UMN_Health_Talk The latest studies and research from the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center.

@TimeHealthland TIME’s tweet-worthy health, wellness, and diet facts.

@UCSF Updates and news “advancing health worldwide” from the University of California – San Francisco.

Interesting Facts

@BodyOdd MSNBC’s Body Odd team constantly answers our “Did you know your body could do this?” questions.

@IPInstituteNYC Go inside the gym with the Under Armour Combine Training with Integrated Performance Institute Owner Michael Torres.

@davezinczenko The man behind the Men’s Health brand: David Zinczenko.

@EditrMH A sneak peek into the mind of Men’s Health magazine editor, Peter Moore.

@OzGarcia Timely studies with personal commentary from nutritionist Oz Garcia.

@DrOz Medical facts can be fun, or at least Dr. Mehmet Oz makes them that way.

@KatherineHobson Tweets from WSJ Health Blogger Katherin Hobson (and self-declared Nutella extraordinaire).

@gruntdoc A glimpse at life as an emergency physician.

@michaelpollan In defense as to why you should follow him, we suggest you check out Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food.

@Doctor_V Medicine meets social media in the form of Dr. Bryan Vartabedian.

@DrEades Physician and Protein Power blogger Michael Eades MD doesn’t sugar coat what it takes to be healthy.

@VGidwaney Vinay Gidwaney looks at the emotional side of wellbeing.

@jayparkinson FastCompany’s “Doctor of the Future” Jay Parkinson tweets and posts some pretty awesome photos—here’s our current favorite.

@kevinmd A leading physician voice on social media, Dr. Kevin Pho tweets about the future of healthcare.

@drjohnm Cardiac Electrophysiologist Dr. John Mandrola advocates for healthy living through exercise and good choices.


@DeepakChopra Tweets from the living legend and meditation guru Deepak Chopra.

@UncleRush Russell Simmons proves that one way to be #superrich is through inner peace and yoga.

@DrWayneWDyer Follow bestselling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s open dialogue about meditation.

@HealYourLife Wanna know the secret to inner peace (at least in tweet-ready form)? Follow these health and happiness authors.

Fitness, Health, & Happiness Innovation

@Azaaza /@MassiveHealth Former creative lead of Firefox and now founder of Massive Health, Aza Raskin tweets on applying design principles to the problem of being healthy.

@HealthyThinker Insight from the health economist, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn.

@RunKeeper The company behind the hot fitness app tweets about the future of social fitness.

@FitBit The buzzed about program that helps track fitness and health goals… like food journaling, but for fitness.

@Zeo Tweets from the sheets! A monitor that helps track and improve sleep.

@Scotteising Health and wellness professional and innovator Scott Eising shares relevant tweets.

@joshnesbit/@Medic CEO of Medic, Josh Nesbit tweets on global health and mobile technology.

@edbennett Tweets from Ed Bennett on the growing use of social media and its impact on health care.

@GAINfitness A startup that’s revolutionizing the way people work out and integrate fitness into their daily lives.

@shopwell Nutrition information that helps you to make healthier decisions at the grocery store.

@dailyburn The premier fitness tracking tool and fitness social networking.

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Updated October 2011