In our weekly Q&A installment, we asked The Greatist Team and readers which season makes them happiest. Here’s what they had to say.

Winter, definitely. Even without taking the holidays into account, the cold weather and limited outdoor options always help me gain some perspective on what I really enjoy: spending time with friends and family. Sometimes it’s a good feeling to hunker down and share stories or watch that favorite family movie for the 1,000th time. — David Tao

I love the transition seasons. Spring and fall are both so filled with excitement and expectation for the coming summer and winter. Plus I’m really looking forward to my first changing leaves and first snow since moving to New York. I haven’t lived in the north since I was 8, so even though everyone keeps telling me I’ll hate it soon, I can’t help but be really excited for the cold.— Kelly Fitzpatrick

If summer is hot and winter is cold (at least for the Northeasterner) then autumn is just right. She’s the only season with an alias, and fall is always changing her appearance up north as the leaves cycle through a gradient of color. She’s also the time when people don disguises and pretend to be others on Halloween. Basically, she’s like the secret agent of seasons. But autumn is also a time of fond memories: the seeing friends at school but without the winter pressure of finals and the start of the high school and college sports seasons. Not to mention that my parents’ anniversary and my birthday both, er, fall in September. So, fall, final answer. — Cristoforo Magliozzi

I really don’t believe in favorites (weird, I know) but I love the two transition seasons, fall and spring, because they’re never too hot and never too cold. — Kate Morin

Summertime always reminds me of the thrill of summer vacation in between school years. Here in the northeast, it’s the only time of year when everyone can relax at the beach, slurp down ices, and splash around in an outdoor pool. Already, I’m looking forward to June. — Shana Lebowitz

From Our Readers:

All of them! So right now fall for 3 major reasons: Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Foliage, Boots! (i love boots.) —Amelia B (@Mealz1042) via Twitter

Fall, because it is a time of renewal and such pure beauty. The leaves change colors, the world seems to come alive in beautiful swirls of pastels, and there is that newfound freshness felt through the gentle breezes that signal winter is near. I am in love with Fall. — Sarah Martin (via Facebook)