In our weekly Q&A installment, we asked The Greatist Team about their favorite ways to relieve stress. Here’s what they had to say:

“When I’m stressed I can’t sit around and worry about what’s stressing me out, so I usually take my dog for a long walk around the neighborhood. I can shift my focus from my stress to seeing how happy my pup is and how cool all these old houses are in my neighborhood!” — Katie Koerner

I de-stress by swimming for at least an hour, with no intervals, by myself. No pressure, just feeling the water. It’s very contemplative to focus on form and balance without worrying about who else is swimming with me or how fast I’m going. This also works with long runs alone, where there’s nothing but scenery and the feeling of running. I think these experiences work because they’re quiet, and I can focus on one thing and doing it well. And then there’s always the totally sweet endorphins post-workout.”— Roxanne Pinto

“Soccer, baking, and quiet walks around the neighborhood are some of my favorite de-stressors. But I also love getting creative with jewelry making, knitting, henna, or whatever else I can get my hands on. Arts & crafts aren’t just for kids!” — Jordan Shakeshaft

“When I’m stressed I do some body weight exercises like pushups or situps. It forces me to concentrate on something else and really helps clear my mind. It’s also got an added fitness kick, but for me, getting the blood flowing and getting moving is one of the best things I can do mentally.” — David Tao

“I like cooking or baking when I’m stressed. Focusing on preparing a meal— getting all the ingredients together, adding a little bit of this or that as I cook— and then having something delicious at the end usually gets my mind off whatever I’ve been stressed about.“— Kissairis Munoz

“When I need to de-stress I watch an episode of House Hunters International. After spending some of the best years living abroad, I think I go to this fantasy land where I envision moving overseas again where life is a simpler yet adventurous.My favorite episodes are the ones where a family relocates to Bali or Belize, or some amazing island, and they buy a huge house right on the beach for a ridiculously low price. Costa Rica here I come!” —Kristine Lockwood

Photo by Marissa Angell

Dancing has always been a creative and productive way for me too let out my feelings. I pick a song that matches my mood, press play, and let go. I turn, leap, and slam out the frustrations. I usually create my best choreography this way.” — Leah Rocketto