The Greatist Team got our Zen on this morning with our first ever meditation session. Led by Sarah Bernier, co-owner of NYC’s Relax Already Yoga, we breathed, danced, and chanted our way to clearer minds. Well, at least we all tried. But while some of us had a harder time emptying that subconscious (I, personally, had “Errday I’m Hustlin” playing through my head the entire time— thanks, Derek), we had a great time leaving our comfort zones for the morning.

After learning some super-cool Kundalini yoga breathing techniques (Prabayama)— from Agni-Prasana (aka Breath of Fire) to long, deep breathing, we put our newly found internal rhythm to the test with some dancing and chanting. Combining these 5000+ year old breathing techniques with a simple “I Am I Am” chant (our mantra for the day) before closing our meditation session for the day.

While we started the morning clueless, almost all newbies to the wide world of meditation and Yoga, Sarah answered all of our questions with enthusiastic responses. And while she made a point of telling us that the dancing and chanting parts of the practice are never things she works into sessions with corporate clients, I say the less-than-corporate techniques always have a place in Greatist’s heart.