Sometimes all it takes is a change in mindset — no matter how small — to turn a crappy day into a good one. To help you shift into a happier gear, we’ve rounded up five things from around the web that inspire and delight us, and we hope they’ll do the same for you. We share our favorite happiness-boosters each week, so be sure to check back — and share your own in the comments below!

1. Start things off with a rejuvenating Down Dog

2. Gently step up into a Forward Bend

3. Settle back onto your seat for Bound Angle Pose (don’t worry if your knees can’t touch the ground)

4. Lay back into a restorative Legs-Up-The-Wall pose (minus the wall)

5. Finish things off with a comforting Child’s Pose. Rest here for as long as you need.

What’s making you happy this week? Share in the comments below!