Sometimes all it takes is a change in mindset — no matter how small — to turn a crappy day into a good one. To help you shift into a happier gear, we’ve rounded up five things from around the web that inspire and delight us, and we hope they’ll do the same for you.

This week, we’ve rounded up five healthy fruits that happen to look like animals. We share our favorite happiness-boosters each week, so be sure to check back — and share your own in the comments below!

1. This (non-edible) banana shaped like a weiner dog

2. This cornucopia of fruit shaped into a grumpy-looking peacock

Photo: Ida Skivenes via The Kitchn

3. This watermelon resembling a sweet little hedgehog

4. This pineapple and these bananas giving a hoot (with a little help from Photoshop)

5. This watermelon that’s reenacting a gruesome scene from Jaws

What’s making you happy this week? Share in the comments below!