Genetics might account for up to 33 percent of our happiness (or lack thereof), but that doesn’t mean we’re powerless to improve our own moods. Sometimes all it takes is a change in mindset — no matter how small — to turn a crappy day into a good one. To help you shift into a happier gear, we’ve rounded up five things from around the web that inspire and delight us, and we hope they’ll do the same for you. We’ll be sharing our favorite happiness-boosters each week, so be sure to check back — and please share your own in the comments or the community!

Photo via Her Campus

1. This collection of photos showing Boston standing strong

Last week was tough. But photos like these — and the stories behind them — remind us that there are always, always people who help.

2. This tumblr by Quinn the ghost, who wants to make you happy

This adorable ghost’s tumblr has one mission and one mission only: If you are sad, Quinn will try to make you feel better.

3. This slow loris who loves being tickled

Nobody is happier than this slow loris while it’s being tickled — nobody. But we can feel her happiness vicariously by watching this video of her being tickled.

4. This story of a baby squirrel who was adopted by dogs

First of all, this rescued squirrel is named Apple Moonbeam — which means we’re already feeling pretty happy. Second of all, the story of this squirrel’s unlikely adopted “parents” — two sharp-toothed (and very protective) canines — means that our faith in the power of love has been restored.

5. This happy baby pig

Good grief, have you ever seen anything so happy? Take the happy baby pig challenge: Stare at this smiling pig for the next 60 seconds, and count how many times you smile back.

What’s making you happy this week? Share in the comments below!