Slip ‘N Slide Fails

It’s summer, and nothing says “stay cool and be cool” like a good ol’ fashioned Slip ‘N’ Slide. Also, nothing says “tremendous rug burn” like a good ol’ fashioned Slip ‘N’ Slide, as evidenced in this sometimes wonderful, mostly painful compilation of sliding fails.

The Slip ‘N’ Slide was first created in 1961 as a way to both slip, and then slide, in the comfort of one’s backyard or home. The standard design — a long plastic sheet liberally doused with water, ending in some sort of pool or “backstop” — has been updated with all sorts of sprinklers and doodads. The toy is meant for moderate speed and younger people who’s bodies are both lighter and lower to the ground. Simple things like logic or “how the thing is supposed to be used” haven’t stopped hot-weather thrill seekers from misusing the Slip ‘N’ Slide to comedic affect.

Please enjoy this compilation of fails, courtesy of Huffington Post Comedy.