While the debate over whether premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a culturally-determined conditionrages on, so too do symptoms of PMS for three out of four women((PMS as a process of negotiation: women’s experience and management of premenstrual distress.

And when you’re in the midst of headaches, anxiety, light sensitivity, mood swings, bloating, or diarrhea (sometimes all at once!), dealing with this personalized grab bag of torment is usually top priority. That’s where The Period Store and their monthly bundles of “lady products from all over the globe” come in.

From tampons, stain remover, and wipes, to soothing teas and aroma- and heat- therapy products, The Period Store takes menstruation’s physical and emotional tolls into consideration, offering a range of items intended to make PMS more bearable. Users just input a bit of information about their cycles and preferences, and then place their order — either a one-time delivery or a subscription of customized bundles timed to arrive just before Aunt Flo does. A monthly package of assorted goodies could be just the thing for anyone who experiences PMS. (And, yes, chocolate is available.).