Do you put up Christmas lights? Do you leave out cookies for Santa? Do you kiss under the mistletoe?

Would you?

Three people set to find out if the age-old mistletoe tradition was still alive. They asked college students (and some much older passersby) whether or not they believed in kissing under the greenery. While waiting for an answer, a piece of mistletoe sneakily droppeddirectly above the interviewer and interviewees heads. Most obliged and puckered up.

The smooch-fest all started when Stuart Edgington (the guy behind the camera) was at a Christmas party and noticed no one took advantage of the mistletoe hanging in the room. This sparked the idea for the project. Edgington called on Nate Turley, his roommate and former bandmate, to be his accomplice.

The social experiment, which has racked up over 14 million views on YouTube to date, started out at BYU’s heavily trafficked Wilkinson Student Center. After a less-than successful day, they decided to enlist a girl: Edgington’s coworker Kaitlin Snow.

With a crowd of onlookers cheering them on,most of the interviewees played along: There were several pecks on the cheek, a few instances of full on tongue-in-mouth action, and the inevitable blushing. Then there was the slap heard(0:30) by the girl with unequivocal outrage toward Turley’s aggressive move.

This isn’t the most scientific procedure, but damn — these three spread some holiday cheer with a lighthearted four minutes of fun.

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