This week, the second of Shana’s #Zensperiment, we’re celebrating World Gratitude Day. We know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but it’s perfectly acceptable (and may even make us happier and healthier) to give a little extra thanks each day. This week we also broke down some sleep conundrums. Should we smack the snooze button and grab a few more Zz’s in the morning? Snoozing may actually make us more tired. And while many of us know it’s important to rack up enough hours in bed, new research shows there’s a link between sleep and weight loss. For an extra weight loss boost outside of the bedroom, or for an upset stomach, head cold, and recovery after a solid workout, learn what beverage is best for every kind of situation. Spoiler alert: Pickle juice made its way onto the list. — Nicole McDermott


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Give Thanks Every Day

It’s World Gratitude Day, and many of us are remembering to give thanks. But we shouldn’t save all the appreciation for one holiday, since gratitude can make us happier and healthier year-round.


News: More Sleep Linked to More Weight Loss

It’s not only about hitting the gym. A recent study suggests adequate sleep is a vital proponent to losing weight.

Are Genetically Modified Foods Dangerous?

Playing with nature can be risky, but genetic engineering is not some trendy new concept. So why are genetically modified munchies getting such a bad rap now?

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Do we need to eat right after a morning workout? Skip the pancakes and bacon — a new study found that working out in the morning might curb our appetite.

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