The Internet is a beautiful thing. Everyone and anyone can have a slice of the pie, which means there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of blogs cropping up every day. The number of fitness, health, and happiness blogs out there can be overwhelming: How’s an average Joe or Jane supposed to separate the good ones from the garbage (you know, those “blogs” loaded with ads and made-up info)?

Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here are 50 sites run by inspirational, creative, knowledgeable, and innovative bloggers. From running, to yoga, to Paleo eating, to gluten-free goodness, to meditation, to self-improvement, these bloggers cover every subject under the sun—and they do it darn well. We only chose sites with one or two authors, since there’s a big difference between a small, personal blog and a website with multiple influences and voices.

But we didn’t select them just because they produce great, helpful, inspiring blogs. In addition to smart content, gorgeous photography, and actionable tips, each of these 50 bloggers is making waves in the health and wellness space. Each blogger is pursuing new topics and angles, finding new ways to innovate online and off the Web, and becoming a fitness, health, or happiness influencer in his or her own right.

A note about selection: The Greatist editorial team (with welcome input from Greatist readers via Facebook and Twitter) chose these 50 bloggers based on qualitative, not quantitative measurements. We looked for blogs with one or two writers who express themselves well, engage with their audience, and find ways to innovate and encourage growth in the health and wellness space, even outside of their blogs. Since the criteria were largely subjective, these are by no means the only 50 blogs on the Internet worth reading—rather, it’s a list of our favorite bloggers in the space. The entries are ranked alphabetically, not numerically (meaning #1 is no better than #34).


1. Dorothy Beal

The journey is part of the story for Dorothy Beal, who has overcome OCD, Oral Allergy Syndrome, and Gilberts Syndrome to become an accomplished runner and blogger. The mom of three is a marathon powerhouse, with 23 races under her belt and a 3:11 PR. Regardless of her impressive stats, Beal’s blog, Mile Posts, is full of down-to-earth musings and thoughts on running (for example: “Should You Carry Your Own Water During a Marathon?”), race recaps, and snapshots of her life. Beal is also a certified running coach and brand ambassador for Nuun and Saucony. Photo:

2. Carla Birnberg

Birnberg’s blog Miz Fit Online is about fitness and health, but it’s much more than that. She writes about motivation, inner (and outer) struggles, self-acceptance, spirituality, and the mind-body connection. Her posts are occasionally a bit rambling, her photos are sometimes not perfect, but Birnberg’s motto (“unapologetically myself”) says it all. Between videos, podcasts, and personal blog entries, Birnberg shows readers that it’s okay (and often helpful) to share your vulnerable, less-than-picture-perfect side —a mentality that can be hard to come by on many fitness-focused blogs. Photo:

3. Adam Bornstein

The photo of a dude swinging a tire, bold graphics, and capital letters set the tone on Adam Bornstein’s blog, Born Fitness, from the get-go. Bornstein — who formerly helmed the editorial teams at Livestrong and Men’s Health — is all business. In addition to consulting and coaching, Bornstein writes blog posts that challenge fitness myths and encourage readers to question what they know about exercise and strength training. Even though he no longer works at a major fitness publication, Bornstein’s voice resonates throughout the fitness and health space — check out his books, columns, guest posts, and various contributions on other sites if you don’t believe us. Photo courtesy of Adam Bornstein.

4. Brian Call

Daily Cup of Yoga, a site that began as one man’s online journal chronicling his yoga practice, has become a crossroads for all yogis. From meditation, to gear, to poses, to apparel, Call’s blog discusses all elements (and styles) of yoga in a non-judgmental, inclusive way. The blog provides readers with yoga resources, challenges, and awesome visual aids while cultivating an online yogi community. Call also curates the latest in yoga duds, gizmos, gadgets, and other accoutrements so busy yogis can get right to the good stuff. Photo:

5. Jason Fitzgerald

Strength Running is the #1 blog for runners looking to bust through plateaus, achieve speedier finishes, and get all-around stronger. In addition to writing his blog, authoring books, and coaching, Fitzgerald is a 2:39 marathoner with experience (and advice) in spades. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran marathoner, Strength Running is a veritable treasure chest of info. Fitzgerald has created training guides for every running distance and level, so athletes can take his Strength Running advice to the streets (or trail, or track).

6. Lauren Fleshman
Pro athlete, businesswoman, and new mom Lauren Fleshman proves that the running community is all about sharing the love (and information). Her site, Ask Lauren Fleshman, is an amalgam of resources for runners. She answers reader-submitted running questions (for example: “How to Bounce Back from a Bad Race like a Badass”), shares her thoughts via journal entries and poems, and is a vocal advocate for clean competition, supporting women in sport, and maternal health around the world. Photo: Amos Morgan / Oiselle
7. Tony Gentilcore
A former college athlete, Gentilcore knows his fitness. He’s dedicated his life to helping others build strength through his work as a certified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Gentilcore works out of Cressey Performance in Massachusetts, but thanks to his website, he’s able to reach a much wider audience. In addition to writing compelling blog posts about exercise techniques and healthy living (one example: “The Single Biggest Mistake Most People Make With Their Programs”), Gentilcore’s site provides a veritable library of fitness, conditioning, and nutritional information. Photo: Kim Lloyd
8. Laruga Glaser
This Stockholm, Sweden-based yoga instructor is all about Ashtanga. Glaser’s blog, PeaceLoveYoga, is a wellspring of inspiring yoga videos, motivational quotations, and practical advice. Plus, she’s a whiz with a camera. Glaser is a dedicated Ashtanga yoga disciple, and her blog is a great place to get the buzz on other yoga instructors, gurus, events, and trends. Photo:
9. Gina Harney
The Fitnessista isn’t your average fitness and health blog. Gina Harvey isn’t some fitness goddess smiling down from on high — she writes candidly about her injuries and challenges, as well as life in a military family. Harvey’s a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, and her fitness content reflects that expertise. The Fitnessista includes plenty of workouts and information for those looking to start an exercise and nutrition plan. Photo:
10. Cassey Ho
The pink background, flowery banner, and cursive blog name make it pretty clear that Blogilates is targeted towards women. And it’s clearly succeeding in reaching its target audience. From workout calendars, to meal plans, to recipes, to fashion posts, Cassey Ho’s nutrition and fitness posts are extremely popular and have inspired countless women to take control of their health. Ho’s single-handedly transformed her blog into a pink-tinted empire, complete with an extensive online boutique, reader challenges, and even real-life events. Photo: Joel Gringorten / Desert Illuminations
11. Janae Jacobs
Jacobs lives her life in pursuit of the perfect run, and her writing reflects that goal. Her blog, Hungry Runner Girl, is a testament to her lifelong dedication and love for the sport. Since having her daughter in 2012, Jacobs includes more “lifestyle” posts, but her favorite topics are pretty clear — running, running gear, races, workouts, and strategies. Jacobs’s blog shows how anyone can combine their passions, hobbies, and day-to-day life (without going crazy!).Photo:
12. Steve Kamb
We’re always a fan of anyone taking the macho out of fitness and health. Steve Kamb’s tongue-in-cheek posts on his blog Nerd Fitness prove that it’s possible to be serious about wellness and crack a smile every once in a while. Nerd Fitness is almost more of a database than a blog — although Kamb regularly shares his thoughts and ideas, the site has tons of free resources, training guides, product reviews, and even a tremendously active community forum. Photo:
13. Peter Larson
Since launching Runblogger in 2009, Peter Larson has become something of a pro when it comes to running and running equipment, and a leader in the space. His blog is a virtual meeting place for athletes looking for information on gear, sneakers, and running science. Larson isn’t preaching to an empty congregation — his posts are flooded with comments and the “forum” section of Runblogger is remarkably active. Photo:
14. Rebecca Pacheco
Each of Pacheco’s blog entries on Om Gal is somewhere between a diary entry, a parable, and an advice column. Her personal stories (from teaching yoga in Boston’s Fenway Park to doing a photo shoot for a major running magazine) provide nuggets of practical, calming advice. In addition to writing about her life, Pacheco produces tons of videos on subjects as diverse as yoga, fitness, spirituality, and pets. Photo:
15. Nia Shanks
The next time someone says you lift like a girl, say, “Thank you!” Nia Shanks’ blog, Lift Like a Girl, is all about encouraging women to get stronger, build self-confidence, and above all, love themselves. She encourages women to ditch the diet and exercise BS and focus instead on making changes from a place of empowerment. She’s also not afraid to get personal in her blog posts, which is a big part of why readers love her. In addition to writing, Shanks has created several women’s training programs geared towards female empowerment and strength. Photo:
16. Kelly Starrett
What’s the point of working out if it just leads to injury? Coach, physical therapist, and blogger Kelly Starrett had that exact question, and so he launched the MobilityWOD website in 2010 to teach people about body mechanics and injury prevention. Starrett and the MobilityWOD team have created hundreds of videos detailing topics such as correct form for exercising, recovery techniques, info about muscles and joints, and everything and anything you’d ever want to know about how the human body works. Photo:
17. Colin Stuckert
CrossFit fan Colin Stuckert is dedicated to pursuing a healthier life, and he wants to you come along for the ride. When he’s not working at The Training Box, he’s writing blog posts for his website, A Gym Life. Stuckert’s favorite topics include the mind-body connection and setting goals, in addition to fitness, food, and (of course) going to the gym. Stuckert’s commitment to teaching and helping others sets him apart from many CrossFit-focused bloggers — peruse his site for training guides, free nutrition print-outs, and quick “cheat sheet” cards for workouts and nutrition designed to be kept in a wallet. Photo:
18. Jess Underhill
Formerly the powerhouse behind popular running blog Fit Chick in the City, Jess Underhill recently launched a new website, Race Pace Jess. RPJ is part consulting/coaching and part blog, but it still includes plenty of the well-written musings on training, strategy, equipment, and motivation that made Fit Chick so great. Outside the Web, she’s a Holistic Health Coach and has worked closely with Girls on the Run, a nonprofit that teaches girls between 8 and 13 life skills and lessons through running. Photo:
19. Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead
While they’re not exactly “bloggers” in the traditional sense, Walters and Whitehead have definitely changed the fitness and health scene since they launched Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008. The dynamic duo recently launched sub-sites Fit Bottomed Mamas (a blog aimed at new mothers) and Fit Bottomed Eats, which focuses on recipes and nutrition. Walters and Whitehead have proven (and keep proving every day) that it’s possible to talk about fitness and health in a fun, irreverent, and entirely real-world way. Photo:


20. Mark Bittman
Calling Mark Bittman a blogger is kind of like calling Michaelangelo a doodler, but this list would be incomplete without Bittman’s blog. An accomplished cookbook author, New York Times columnist, and food activist, Bittman is famous for his commitment to advocating a plant-based diet. The prolific writer is also renowned (some might say infamous) for his attacks on factory farms, love of local food, and participation in the Slow Food movement. Photo:

21. Lisa Cain
Who doesn’t love a snack? Cain, a biologist by training, writes about nutrition, new food products, and, perhaps best of all, snack recipes. The extensive recipe index is broken down by Weight Watchers points values, allergies, type of meal, and so on to make it super easy for readers to find what they’re looking for. Unlike many food bloggers, Cain often taste-tests and reviews food products and pre-packaged snacks, proving that you don’t have to cook every meal from scratch to still be healthy. Photo:
22. Sean Croxton
The man behind Underground Wellness is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. What the heck does that mean? It means Croxton isn’t afraid to dig deeper into health and nutrition, and is obsessed with discovering the root causes to common health woes. Underground Wellness focuses — via blog posts, guest bloggers, videos, and podcasts — mainly on how we can use diet to improve overall health. Photo:
23. Julie Fagan
Julie Fagan is a certified personal trainer, a curious home cook, and an avid traveler and adventurer. Her blog, Peanut Butter Fingers, is a well-rounded snapshot of all of these pursuits and passions. Fagan writes about food, running, racing, and her life in general with personable, fun, and down-to-earth flair. After becoming a certified trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Fagan added a “study tips” section to her blog as a resource for other readers hoping to get certified. Photo:
24. Matt Frazier
Frazier isn’t afraid to shout his message from the (Internet) rooftops! On his site, No Meat Athlete, the runner details his plant-based diet and explains (quite convincingly) how it’s possible to be a vegetarian and a serious athlete at the same time. Best of all, Frazier explains his point of view in an open, inclusive, and entirely non-judgmental way. In addition to writing blog posts, Frazier’s penned a book and multipletraining guides, as well as a regular podcast and an online training course. Photo:
25. Gena Hamshaw
Raw food goes way beyond nuts, berries, and plain lettuce, and Gena Hamshaw is out to tell the world about it. Her popular blog, Choosing Raw, includes information about deciding to pursue a vegan or raw lifestyle, tons of raw, gluten-free, and vegan recipes, and thoughts on overcoming eating disorders. Hamshaw is an outspoken advocate for a plant-based lifestyle and has contributed to publications like Food52, O Magazine, and Whole Living Daily. Photo:
26. Lee Hersh
Lee Hersh wears a lot of hats. She’s a certified yoga and group fitness instructor, recipe developer, photographer, graphic designer, and writer on her blog, Fit Foodie Finds. After recovering from an eating disorder, Hersh turned to intuitive eating and balanced, varied workouts (including running, Tabata, HIIT, and yoga) to keep her body and mind healthy, and she seeks to share her lessons from this journey with her readers. Photo:
27. Alexis Kornblum
Usually, anything labeled gluten-free and dairy-free should also be labeled “taste-free.” Not so much with Lexi Kornblum’s recipes on her blog Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. In 2012, Kornblum decided to take control of her health and happiness and transformed her eating and exercise habits (she’s currently training to be a personal trainer). Her Paleo-friendly recipes are satisfying and even indulgent (if they taste as good as the photos look!). Plus, Kornblum proves, contrary to popular belief, that you don’t need a pantry full of weird ingredients to make allergy-friendly food. Photo:
28. Angela Liddon
Liddon’s blog, Oh She Glows, is widely considered the gold standard for healthy, tasty, and beautifully photographed vegan recipes. In five years, Liddon’s created and shared hundreds of plant-based recipes. She’s not just influential for her food-porn-worthy photos, though. Liddon is candid about her struggles with an eating disorder and her road to recovery and health, which she shares in depth on her blog. Photo: Dave Biesse
29. Gina Matsoukas
Matsoukas’s blog, Running to the Kitchen, proves that it’s possible to love and enjoy food (yep, even sweet potato chocolate chip pancakes) while maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Matsoukas has developed hundreds of recipes, from soup to nuts (literally). In addition to writing recipes, she also shares her love for CrossFit, running, and fitness goals in general. Photo:
30. Ashley McLaughlin
If we had to describe McLaughlin’s blog, Edible Perspective, in one word, it would be “generous.” In addition to posting delicious recipes, McLaughlin is more than happy to share her photography expertise. Edible Perspective includes a “Photography 101” section in which McLaughlin explains how to take gorgeous photos. Between the beautiful, healthy (often gluten-free) recipes and awesome photography, it’s definitely a must-visit site for any aspiring food blogger. Photo:
31. Marion Nestle
Nestle has been paying attention to food and nutrition since before the Internet existed (think about that for a second). Her focus is public health and nutrition, which she teaches at New York University. Nestle has written eight books about food production and nutrition in the U.S., so she probably knows what she’s talking about! She also regularly weighs in about the food industry and health on her blog, Food Politics. Photo:

32. Kathy Patalsky

Powerhouse food blogger Patalsky operates not one, but two popular vegan recipe blogs. She founded Healthy. Happy. Life. in 2007 and created Finding Vegan, a Tastespotting-inspired online community for vegan eating, in 2011. In both projects, Patalsky sticks with her trademark style — a fun, casual writing voice, a love for bright graphics, and above all, a dedication to living an animal-friendly lifestyle. Check out her book 365 Vegan Smoothies for some snacktime inspiration. Photo: Caroline White Photography

33. Mark Sisson
Mark’s Daily Apple is a go-to site for anyone interested in the Paleo diet or primal lifestyle (just check out that active discussion forum!). Sisson’s company, Primal Blueprint, offers coaching, nutritional counseling, supplements, and educational materials for Paleo devotees. Sisson’s main inspiration is “Grok,” a fictional caveman persona who inspires the blogger throughout all his hunter-gatherer pursuits. Photo:
34. John and Dana Shultz
From clean, clear writing, to beautiful photography, to easy, low-key recipes, Minimalist Baker hits all the food blog highlights. Nobody ever said good, healthy food had to be complicated, and the husband-and-wife duo behind Minimalist Baker follows the maxim that simpler is often better. The Shultzes are major innovators in terms of food photography and web design, and they’re not afraid to share their knowledge. Curious photographers-in-training can purchase a Minimalist Baker “Food Photography E-Course” or guide entitled “5 Ways to Make Your Photos Go Further.” The Minimalist Baker duo also teamed up with other food bloggers to create a free e-cookbook to promote the non-profit organization charity:water. Photo:
35. Michelle Tam
Think all Paleo CrossFitters are hulking 6-foot dudes who live at the gym? Think again. Michelle Tam proves that the Paleo lifestyle is compatible with being a foodie, having a family, and living a life that doesn’t revolve around the gym. On her blog Nom Nom Paleo, Tam writes about food news, travel, and recipes with plenty of humor and visual flair (check out her cute illustrated avatar!). Her unabashed love for ambitious, indulgent meals is a welcome and unexpected surprise — check out those restaurant reviews for inspiration in the kitchen. Photo:
36. Danielle Walker
Walker’s food blog, Against All Grain, is an inspiration and resource for anyone dealing with serious allergies and intolerances. After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in her early 20s, Walker took her health into her own hands and learned how to eat to keep her autoimmune disease under control. She dedicated lots of time to learning how to cook and take photos, and then began sharing her gluten-free, lactose-free, legume-free, and grain-free recipes with the world. Photo:


37. Leo Babauta

Babauta’s blog, Zen Habits, is one of the most popular and widely read sites on the Internet dedicated to minimalism, self-improvement, and simplicity. With clear, well-phrased prose, Babauta explains the benefits (and nitty-gritty how-tos) of living a simplified lifestyle. He’s super-honest about his past struggles with his weight, smoking, and debt, and his content is actionable, motivational, and aspirational, all in one easy to read package. Plus, it’s uncopyrighted, because he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to reprint and improve his words. Zen indeed. Photo:

38. Ragen Chastain
Chastain is an outspoken advocate for Health at Every Size (HAES) who also happens to be an incredible writer and dancer. She’s out to prove that skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, and that we all need to learn to love and appreciate our bodies (no matter our size). Chastain isn’t afraid to question or challenge the status quo on her blog, Dances With Fat. She’s dedicated to proving that “fat” isn’t a dirty word — it can also mean healthy, athletic, happy, and awesome. Outside the blog, she has written a book, created dance videos, and is an accomplished speaker. Photo: Richard Sabel
39. Jay Fields
Success, failure, everyday life… Jay Fields has wise words to say no matter the occasion. Throughout her blog, Grace & Grit Yoga, Fields’ experience as a yoga instructor, writer, and all-around teacher is apparent. Her blog posts explain real-life situations, draw conclusions, and turn each vignette into a teachable moment. Grace & Grit is all about finding and nourishing the inner “you.” To that end, Fields also offers a 28-day, online HomeBody Yoga course so people can jump-start their yoga practice, both mentally and physically. Photo:
40. Jonathan Fields
It’s hard to pigeonhole Jonathan Fields. His eponymous blog covers creativity, positive thinking, business and management strategy, motivation, leadership, conscious living, parenting, writing, and public speaking. Phew! Fields is always looking for a new strategy or line of thinking that will yield higher fulfillment, success, and happiness. That perspective is evident in The Good Life Project, an inspirational movement Fields created to share stories of people living meaningful lives and to inspire viewers to do the same. Photo:
41. Kate Fridkis
Any blog called Eat the Damn Cake instantly has our attention. Fridkis, a freelance writer, blogger, and singer, is a lifelong advocate for positive body image. She writes about her own struggles with body image, womanhood, and motherhood on her own site (and book), and is a regular contributor at Psychology Today. Fridkis’s blog features a section where readers can submit their own photos of women eating cake. Because nobody should be afraid of dessert! Photo:
42. Chris Guillebeau
Throughout his blog, The Art of Non-Conformity, Guillebeau confronts macro topics with a micro lens. His favorite topics include personal development, life planning, entrepreneurship, and (obviously) non-conformity. The blog is particularly unique because Guillebeau ponders these big topics while working towards his goal of traveling to every country in the world. Looking for a minimalist packing list for your next cross-continent voyage? The Art of Non-Conformity is your one-stop planning shop. Photo:
43. Danielle LaPorte
Holistic compassion and entrepreneurship are opposites, right? Not according to the luminous Danielle LaPorte, whose website is all about bringing inner peace and outer business and passions together. Where else would you find articles called “The Psychedelics of Strategic Planning” and “How to Kiss Up to Your Muse”? Her blog posts (as well as her books and contributions to other sites) provide legitimate strategies to reconcile your personal and professional life to achieve success and fulfillment. Photo:

44. Brooke McAlary

After struggling with depression and anxiety, Aussie Brooke McAlary got professional help and decided to change her lifestyle. She slowed way down, focused on her family and her self, and started writing a blog called Slow Your Home. Several years later, she’s dedicated to helping others recharge, de-stress, get calm, de-clutter, and yes, slow down. McAlary’s blog is a treasure trove of information on connecting with your inner self, living a meaningful, deliberate life, and embracing minimalism. Photo:

45. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus
Could you be happy with less? Millburn and Nicodemus ponder that question (and many more) on their blog, The Minimalists. The longtime friends (since 5th grade, aww) have dedicated their lives to living minimally since 2011, when they kissed corporate jobs, huge houses, and six-figure salaries goodbye. These days, Millburn and Nicodemus are published authors, accomplished speakers, and authorities on all things minimalism. Photo:
46. Maria Popova
On her site, Brain Pickings, Popova calls herself an “interestingness hunter-gatherer and curious mind at large,” which sums it up pretty well. Popova’s written for publications such as The New York Times and The Atlantic, but her labor of love is exploring knowledge from all possible sources. She writes the blog’s signature thought-provoking, unique, questioning blog posts on everything from economics, to literature, to art, to science. Brain pickings, indeed. Photo:
47. Golda Poretsky
Sick of dieting and feeling bad about your body? It’s probably time to spend some time on Poretsky’s blog, Body Love Wellness. An intuitive eating and body image coach as well as a holistic health counselor, Poretsky is a spokeswoman for Health at Every Size and a firm believer in body acceptance. Amen to that! She writes about her own struggle to love her body and regularly weighs in about the diet industry, food, and how to empower and love yourself. Photo:
48. Lissa Rankin
Rankin isn’t your average MD. A former practicing OB/GYN, she now dedicates her life to holistic healing, mind-body health, and fixing our current health care system. In keeping with those aims, she’s created the Whole Health Medicine Institute, which trains other doctors, nurses, and life coaches about the connection between physical and mental wellness. On her personal website, Rankin writes every day about topics as wide-ranging as success, anger, medicine, spiritual growth, and just about everything in between. Photo:
49. Kate Swoboda
William Wallace, Shmilliam Shmwallace. You’re the Braveheart here, according to Swoboda. Her site, Your Courageous Life, encourages men and women to take chances, be brave, and start their own personal revolutions. Via life coaching and inspiring blog posts, Swoboda is dedicated to teaching all of us how to embrace our inner courage, every day and in every situation. Photo:
50. Colin Wright
Every four months, writer and entrepreneur Colin Wright moves to a new country after tallying up reader votes (Yep, he just goes wherever they tell him to.). Wright has been documenting his travels on his blog, Exile Lifestyle, since 2009, when he moved from LA to Argentina. He shapes his life and adventures around a set of philosophies: humanism, minimalism, entrepreneurship, sustainability, open-mindedness, self-improvement, living, and travel. Sounds good to us! Photo: Adam Dressler