Tuesday kicked off the great #Absperiment, letting Greatists follow along with our founder Derek Flanzraich‘s quest to get a six pack in six weeks. For those who’d rather pop a chill pill than pump iron, we’ve got you covered with 40 ways to relax in five minutes or less! Hittin’ the booze isn’t on there, but get that vodka bottle ready for better pie crusts, mouthwash, and other handy hacks. Crack open a bottle and get the (healthy) party started. — Shana Lebowitz


40 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less Mangoes, meditation, and massage are just three easy relaxation techniques. When stress strikes, check out these 40 ways to unwind before you’ve had a chance to bite off all your nails.

Hoard No More: The Art of Throwing Stuff Away A family of half-empty shampoo bottles in the shower, a collection of computer monitors, a drawer full of stained T-shirts. Clutter can cause a lot of stress, so check out these tips to get rid of that extra stuff.

Quote: Michael Jordan on Success Through Failure Michael Jordan hit some of the greatest shots in basketball history, but he has been defined as much by his failures as by his successes.

Face Your Feelings: How to Handle Sadness and Pain GUEST POST: Whether you’re feelin’ groovy or gloomy, emotions are part of being human. Psychotherapist Jasmin Terrany offers tips for dealing with feelings like sadness and anger — not pretending they don’t exist.


Cold vs. Allergies: How Can You Tell?When all sneezy and stuffed up, is it a cold or allergies? Here’s how to tell so it’s easier to choose between the allergy pill or can of chicken noodle soup!

How to Make the Perfect Iced CoffeeSkip the $4 iced Grande and head back to the kitchen. We’ve got the best way to make iced coffee that’ll cool anyone down all summer long.

Hack Your Vodka: Ice Packs and Pie Crusts Sure vodka is one of the world’s favorite liquors, but we’re going one further with these bad-ass hacks; from knocking out odors to baking better desserts.

Is Wearing High Heels Worth the Pain? High heels may look great, but wearing them regularly might cause more harm than they’re worth.


Six-Pack Abs in Six Weeks: The #Absperiment Our founder goes on a six-pack abs in six weeks challenge and shares his journey… so you don’t have to.

In the Gym with Jackie Warner What’s it like to train with Jackie Warner? Get the scoop in this exclusive Q&A — killer full-body workout included!

8 Sports and Exercise Charities Changing the World Sports and exercise improves quality of life and unifies communities. For these incredible charities, it also brings hope to the hearts of many, providing sanctuary from a world that isn’t always so easy to face.

24 Tips For a Fitter, Happier, Summer Vacation Vacation season is here! But don’t let your hard work go to waste while getting some rays — stay fit and feel good no matter where time off takes you.

We Did It: STREB Extreme Action Company Daredevils disguised as dancers? Count us in! Come along for our behind-the-scenes adventures with STREB, a company known for their stunning extreme action performances.

Links We Love: Running 3,000 Miles Across America (and More) Ready for some weekend link-love? From the health hazards on endurance exercise to how to memorize anything, we’ve found our favorite links from around the web.

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