Life can get pretty hectic, but this week, Greatist is helping you get more organized than ever. Conquering clutter? We put together an infographic on how to become super efficient. Need to stay on track at the gym? We’ve got a guide to breaking through strength training plateaus — and keep on making gains. We’ve even got a piece on how social media is changing the way we think about tying the knot (we know, we know, are those wedding Pinterest boards really worth it?). — David Tao


How to Be the Most Organized Person in the World (Infographic)

Conquer your inbox, beat clutter, and become more efficient than ever with our ultimate guide to organization.

I Virtually Do: How Social Media Is Changing Marriage

If you like it then you shoulda’ put a ring on it. Or not? Find out how the Internet is changing the way we plan that walk down the aisle.

Quote: Theodore Roosevelt on Achieving Success

Take a note from President Theodore Roosevelt and learn how to turn lemons into lemonade.


How To Buy The Right Yoga Mat

A good mat can make or break a yoga class. Find out what to consider to ensure an ideal (slip-free) yoga experience.

How to Stay Strong and Prevent Muscle Loss

Weights feel heavier? Treadmill seem faster? Find out how long it takes to lose muscle mass and strength and what you can do to keep fit even during breaks.

How to Break Through a Strength Training Plateau

Every now and then we stop seeing results from hitting the gym. (What gives?!) Luckily, we have some tips to make sure that hard work keeps paying off.

We Did It: Pedal NYC

This week the Greatist team sweat it out at Pedal NYC, an innovative fitness boutique specializing in spinning, TRX, Pilates, and more! Read on to win a free class!

Lifting With the Big Boys: A Life Changed by Training

GUEST POST: Trainer and fitness expert Jonathan Goodman takes us through his personal transformation through exercise, and how lifting helped define who is he today.


23 Recipes for a Healthy Memorial Day

The weather’s getting warmer, and that means one thing — time to eat outside! Here are 23 of our favorite summer-friendly recipes (and 60 simple cocktails) for a healthier start to summer.

Recipe: Fresh Pea and Radish Salad

This super seasonal salad bursting with fresh flavors is perfect as a Memorial Day barbecue side dish.

The 21 Germiest Places You’re Not Cleaning

It’s easy to avoid obviously dirty objects. But what about those that secretly house icky bacteria? Here are 21 everyday objects that probably need a deep clean right about now

Is Cheese Addictive?

While cheese is a well-loved food, research suggests the potential for opiate-like feelings to take over our bodies when we ingest too much, leaving us drooling for more — actually, doesn’t sound half bad, does it?

How Your “Healthy” Habits Might Not Be So Healthy

Even the healthiest lifestyles can lead to some slip-ups. Learn what to watch out for to keep that good health unharmed.

Chef Alain Ducasse Talks Cooking Healthy

Michelin-starred French chef Alain Ducasse recently released “Nature,” a new cookbook on healthy home cooking. We talk to Ducasse about the importance of eating — and cooking — right.

Links We Love: Why Coffee Makes Us Live Longer and More

Ready for some weekend link-love? From 4-minute kick-ass workouts to how coffee can add years to our lives, we’ve found our favorite links from around the web.