This month, we've got some fun new types of GWODs from Joe Vennare and company over at Hybrid Athlete. If you're new to circuits like these, feel free to take them slow at first and/or scale back the number of movements (for example, instead of completing 20 squats per round, try 15 or 10 if you're unsure).

Most importantly, have fun! These are meant to be challenging, but not impossible.

2 Days Per Week:


3 Days Per Week:

5 rounds of:

Max repetition pull-ups (rest 2-3 minutes in between)


4 rounds of:

12 lat pull-downs

Rest 3-4 minutes, then 4 rounds for time of (all with the same two dumbbells):

6 Dumbbell bicep curls

6 Dumbbell shoulder press

6 Dumbbell suitcase deadlift

6 Dumbbell upright row

6 Dumbbell thruster

Rest up to 60 seconds and repeat once more.

4 Days Per Week:

After warming up, 5 rounds for time of:

5 Push-up

5 Incline push-up (perform these with your feet on the floor and hands on an elevated bench or step)

5 Decline push-up (hands on the floor, feet on an elevated surface)

Rest 2-3 minutes, then complete for rounds of the following, spending 30 seconds on each exercise:


Alternating lunge

Box jump (choose a height between 10 and 24 inches; step down carefully after each rep)

Leg raise

Mountain climber

Russian twist

Jump squat (perform a bodyweight squat with an explosvie hop at the end)

Rest for 60 seconds