Welcome to the cycle of GWODs programmed by Chris Freytag! Chris will be bringing you the next three months of workouts, and we're excited to hear what you think. Have any questions or comments? Drop us a line: gwod [at] greatist.com!

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It's officially the holidays — make your workout short, intense, and effective!



If you work out 3 days per week:

Start with a 5-minute dynamic warmup:

· Back rolls 30 sec

· Arm circles – 30 sec

· Gate swings (for hips) 30 sec

· Straight leg kicks 30 sec

· Jog it out 3 min

Then, do all 6 exercises below for 20 reps each in a row with as little rest as possible in between. Go for 20 or 30 minutes depending on fitness level.

· Do “As Many Rounds As Possible”

· End with 3 minute cool down

*challenge yourself with the proper dumbbells, go heavier when you can as long as your form doesn't suffer. Modify when needed (ie: pushups on knees).

**2-3 rounds will be approx. 20 minutes, 3-4 rounds will be approx. 30 minutes.

1. Split Jumps (Plyometric)

2. Pushups (Add alternating punches)

3. Lateral Shoulder Raises (Add balance challenge standing on one foot)

4. Alternating Cross Behind Lunges with bicep curls

5. “Row the Boat” –side to side seated obliques with weight (feet off ground)

6. Overhead pulls (for your back) lay on the ground, abs tight, lower weight behind your head, pull back up to eye level. (Add in legs lower and lift)

If you work out 4 days per week:

Pyramid workout: It’s like climbing a mountain and coming down on the other side! Always start with your warm up for 5 minutes at an easy pace. Gradually begin to increase intensity. Depending on the length of your workout, how quickly you peak is based on the time. Start increasing your effort every 2-3 minutes and peak at the middle of your workout. Then gradually start to slow down going back down the pyramid till you are finished. You should work up to a 7-8 on the RPE scale at the middle of your workout and hold it there for a few minutes before beginning your descent. This workout takes control and focus on your effort.