Hi GWODers! This week, we're ramping up to a whole new GWOD cycle programmed elite trainer Chris Freytag! Chris is one of the best in the business, and starting November 11th, she'll be creating workouts for us for the next three months.

Chris' challenging (and fun!) bodyweight-based workouts start next Monday, but in the meantime, get ready with this interval program from Joe Vennare and company over at Hybrid Athlete.

If you're new to circuits like these, feel free to take them slow at first and/or scale back the number of movements (for example, instead of completing 20 squats per round, try 15 or 10 if you're unsure).

2 Days Per Week:


3 Days Per Week:


4 Days Per Week:

4 rounds for time of:

12 Bodyweight squats
24 Russian twists
12 Lunge (each leg)
24 In and out
Squat hold for 30 seconds

Rest 3-4 minutes, then 10 rounds for time (on a treadmill or track sprint intervals):

30 second sprint, 60 second rest/recovery jog