Hey, GWOD-ers! Welcome to the brand new cycle of workouts from Kelvin Gary and Katherine Simmons of Body Space Fitness (BSF). Got questions? Email us at GWOD [at] greatist.com.

Body Space Fitness is all about functional training, and this cycle's workouts will mimic movements you have developed since you were young: rolling, kneeling, sitting, crawling, reaching, pulling, pushing, squatting, stepping, walking, running, leaping, etc. These are your fundamental movement patterns, and in this next 12-weeks of training, we'll be looking to reinforce proper execution of these patterns in all planes of motion.

This cycle of workouts also includes a new warm-up. After foam rolling, spend 30 seconds on each movement, and complete the warm-up cycle twice:

Knee Hugs
Alternating Reverse Lunges
Inch Worms

If You Work Out 2 Days/Week


If You Work Out 3 Days/Week

1) Squat to Press/Thrusters — 3 sets of 15

2) Single Leg Deadlift — 3 sets of 15

3) Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Press — 3 sets of 15 (each arm)

4) Bodyweight/Unweighted Squats — 3 sets of 15

5) Wide Grip Lat Pull-down — 3 sets of 15

Conditioning: 5 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off rowing or biking

If You Work Out 4 Days/Week