Hey, GWOD-ers, happy 4th of July! Welcome to the brand new cycle of workouts from Kelvin Gary and Katherine Simmons of Body Space Fitness (BSF).

Body Space Fitness is all about functional training, and this cycle's workouts will mimic movements you have developed since you were young: rolling, kneeling, sitting, crawling, reaching, pulling, pushing, squatting, stepping, walking, running, leaping, etc. These are your fundamental movement patterns, and in this next 12-weeks of training, we'll be looking to reinforce proper execution of these patterns in all planes of motion.

This cycle of workouts also includes a new warm-up. After foam rolling, spend 30 seconds on each movement, and complete the warm-up cycle twice:

Knee Hugs
Alternating Reverse Lunges
Inch Worms

2 days/week

1) Hip Hinge with Double Arm Cable Row (video illustrates single arm) — 3 sets of 15

2) Reverse Lunge — 3 sets of 15

3) Push-ups — 3 sets of 15

4) Floor Bridge — 3 sets of 15

5) 1/2 Kneeling Single Arm Cable Row — 3 sets of 15

3 days/week


4 days/week

1) Dumbell Squat to Press — 3 sets of 15

2) Lateral Lunge — 3 sets of 15

3) Single Arm Cable Chest Press — 3 sets of 15

4) Kettlebell/Dumbell Goblet Squat — 3 sets of 15

5) Dumbell Row — 3 sets of 15