Hey, GWOD-ers, welcome to the last month of GWODs programmed by Rog Law and Nia Shanks.

Got questions? Email us at gwod [at] greatist.com!

For a warm-up, we recommend a few minutes of foam rolling followed by:

Wall Ankle Mobilization: 8 reps per leg
Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization: 8 reps per leg
Scapular Wall Slides: 10 reps
Split Stance Adductor Mobilization: 8 reps per leg
Quadruped Extension-Rotation: 8 reps per side
Supine Bridge: 10 reps
Pullback Buttkicks: 5 reps per leg
High Knee Walk: 5 reps per leg

2 days/week:


3 days/week:

1) Trap bar deadlift or sumo deadlift - 5x5

2a) Parallel bar dip or close grip push-up - 3x6, 2x10
2b) Chest supported row or dumbbell row - 3x6, 2x10

3a) Single leg glute bridge* 3 x 10-15
3b) Ab wheel rollout - 3 x as many as possible

4 days/week:
1) Pull ups – 3 x as many as possible

2a) Barbell Romanian Deadlift – 4 x 8
2b) Side Plank – 3 x 30-45 sec each side

3a) Barbell Hip Thrust – 3 x15
3b) Dumbbell Split Squat – 3 x 12 each leg