Hey, GWOD-ers, welcome to the new month of GWODs! This strength-based cycle is again programmed by Rog Law and Nia Shanks, two of the best and brightest in the training game.

Got questions? Email us at gwod [at] greatist.com!

For a warm-up, we recommend a few minutes of foam rolling followed by:

Wall Ankle Mobilization: 8 reps per leg
Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization: 8 reps per leg
Scapular Wall Slides: 10 reps
Split Stance Adductor Mobilization: 8 reps per leg
Quadruped Extension-Rotation: 8 reps per side
Supine Bridge: 10 reps
Pullback Buttkicks: 5 reps per leg
High Knee Walk: 5 reps per leg

2 days/week:

1A) Goblet squat 4 sets of 8
1B) Chin-up or assisted chin-up 4 sets of 6

2A) Single leg RDL 4 sets of 8 (each leg)
2B) Push-up 4 sets of 8

3A) Facepull 3 sets of between 12-15
3B) Reverse crunch 3 sets of between 12-15

3 days/week:

Complete 5 rounds of the following circuit, performing 5 reps per exercise before moving on to the next movement. Weights should be moderate (start with weights you're confident you can perform at least 10 reps with using good form).

1A) Back Squat
1B) Chin-up
1C) 1 arm dumbbell bench press

Afterwards, rest 3-4 minutes and perform the following:

2A) Single leg RDL 3 sets of 10
2B) Facepull 3 sets of 10

4 days/week:

1) Barbell Front Squat 5 sets of 6

2A) 1 Arm Dumbbell Row 5 sets of 8 (each arm)
2B) 1 Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press (neutral grip) 5 sets of 8 each arm

3A) Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3 sets of 15-20
3B) Rope Tricep Pushdowns 3 sets of 15-20

Enjoy your GWOD? Why not track your workout?! Below are two great tracking options:

Track on WeightTraining.com with just 1 click, and check out the WeightTraining Greatist Group: 2 day program | 3 day program | 4 day program

Track on Fitocracy.com and post about your awesomeness on the Greatist Group!