Welcome to the cycle of GWODs programmed by Joe Vennare! Joe is bringing you the next week of workouts, and we're excited to hear what you think. Have any questions or comments? Drop us a line: gwod [at] greatist.com!

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If you're new to circuits like these, feel free to take them slow at first, or scale back the number of prescribed movements (for example, if completing 20 squats per round seems like too much, try 15 or 10).

If you work out 2, 3, or 4 Days Per Week

Circuit A:

10 X Push-up
Side plank right for 30 seconds
10 X Wide grip push-up
Side plank left for 30 seconds
10 X Close grip push-up
Straight leg raise for 30 seconds

Rest for one minute if desired, then repeat the circuit.

Rest for 3 to 4 minutes, then on to the next circuit!

Circuit B:

6 rounds of the following exercises with the same pair of dumbbells throughout:

6 X Dumbbell front squat or goblet squat
6 X Dumbbell overhead press
6 X Dumbbell biceps curl

Rest up to 2 minutes between rounds, but try to rest as little as possible.

Cool down and stretch.