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This week is all about fast-paced bodyweight circuit training.

It helps to have a timer to be accurate with the intervals. I use the Tabata Pro App on my iPhone or iPad, which costs about $2.99, and set it for 10 segments of 1 minute's work and 15 seconds' rest.


Perform each exercise for one minute, rest for 15 seconds, then move onto the next.

  1. Cross behind lunges
  2. Shadow boxing (punching the air)
  3. Walking lunges
  4. T- pushups
  5. Squat thrusters (These are like burpees but they're performed without standing up: in a plank positio, jump the feet in toward the hands and back out)
  6. Spiderman planks
  7. 180 degree squat jumps (turn around while in mid-air)
  8. Side plank lifts, 30 seconds per side
  9. Lying hip extensions
  10. Bird dog

Rest for one minute. Repeat the entire circuit twice.

Cool down and stretch.

You're all done! For some more healthy motivation from Chris Freytag, check out her books:

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