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The 7 Most Common Workout Mistakes—and How to Fix Them

Because you know you've done at least one of these.
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6 Convincing Reasons to Start Working Out Immediately

Or how to stop seeing exercise as a chore.
Tim Ferris
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What Inspired Me to Find a Formula for Fun (Hint: I Was Not a Popular Kid)

"The true gift of adventure is the person you become in the process."
Taking Medication for Depression Doesn't Mean I'm Weak
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How to Kick the All-or-Nothing Approach to Fitness and Nutrition

Take it from me: There is joy in simply letting good enough be good enough.
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Here's the Truth About Successful Relationships (That No One Ever Talks About)

Sometimes the first step is simply admitting that things aren't working.
The Moment I Stopped Being a "Nice Girl"

The Moment I Stopped Being a "Nice Girl"

I finally found my voice when I stopped putting everyone else's needs and wants above my own.
Life Lesson: Depressed Female Thinking

The Most Important Lesson Depression Taught Me

"I let go of pleasing anyone, impressing men, and sticking to an image of strength."
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The Body Part I'm Most Self-Conscious About Is the One People Admire

Life is too damn short to be so hard on our bodies.
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Sorry I Didn't Go to Your Bday Party/Happy Hour/Group Dinner

It may seem like I'm just bailing, but there's so much more to it.
Instagram Is Life Porn And We Have to Get It Under Control
Dealing With Anxiety: Depressed Man In the Park 2K
The Case Against Minimalist Living: Why It's Good to Want More

The Case Against Minimalism: When It's Good to Want More

Here's why I'm breaking up with the simple life.
How to Be Confident: Ryan Johnson

How Shame Over My Psoriasis Led to a Body I’m Proud Of

It's about learning to control the things you can to overcome the things you cannot.
What Is Anxiety: Why We Worry and What to Do About It

The Evolution of Anxiety: Why We Worry and What to Do About It

Understanding why you get anxious is a step toward dealing with the root of the problem.
Best Quotes on Life 2K

9 Incredible Quotes That Have Shaped My Life

And the lesson each one taught me.
On Concern for Your Fat Friend's Health: Man leaning up against wall in red sweatshirt
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Why Getting Fired Turned Out to Be a Great Thing: Marisa Kabas

Why Getting Fired Turned Out to Be a Great Thing

At first, I was devastated, but then I realized something I might not have otherwise.
Ciabatta with Olive Oil

Why Some People Can Eat More Carbs Than Others

Here's how to figure out if a high- or low-carb diet is right for you.
Morning Routine: Jon Westenberg

Why My Hectic Morning Routine Rules (and I'm Not Changing It)

A regimented a.m. schedule doesn't always make you more productive.
How Millennials Faked the Food Movement: hand taking picture of food with smartphone
The Unexpected Thing That Happened When I Stopped Trying to Change Myself
Life Lessons: Hands journaling with coffee 8K

25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

It can be easy to forget about the big picture. These important lessons will help remind you.