Doing a mud run, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, dressing up for Halloween—some things are just better with a friend. Another thing that’s easier when you’re not going at it alone: trying to live a healthier life. So whether you want to eat better, feel less stressed, or work out more, we’re here to help!

We’ve teamed up with content-discovery site StumbleUpon to collect top healthy living blog entries from around the Web and put them together in an all-inclusive list just for you! (If you’re not familiar, StumbleUpon is basically a giant collection of awesome things on the Internet. As in, the perfect place for procrastinating.)

We’ve handpicked 24 of our favorite tips here, but if you want more, you’re in luck: You can explore more than 300 other helpful tidbits like these on the #StumbleBloggers page. The best part: You don’t have to have an account to check out the list (but you may want to make one anyway).

1. Make hummus even better.

We love avocado. We love hummus. Putting them together? Instant home run. Plus, since avocado is so buttery, you don’t have to worry about adding additional liquids or olive oil while you’re blending the hummus. The result is delicious and healthy. — Kimberly Coleman, Mom in the City

2. Don’t settle at the farmer’s market.

Ask vendors if you can peek at all the tomatoes in a basket to make sure they are fresh and not damaged, open a carton of farm-fresh eggs to look for cracks, and give zucchini a quick squeeze to make sure they’re firm. It’s okay (and encouraged!) to make sure you’re paying for the best quality. — Chelsea, Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

3. Try (spinach) pancake sandwiches.

Here’s the perfect way to cut carbs without wrapping everything with lettuce leaves. Try savory spinach “pancakes,” which make a tasty triple-decker when stacked with garlic chive hummus, kale, and sliced roma tomatos. — Kristina Sloggett, Spabettie

4. Avoid a yoga rut.

While we’ll always be fans of vinyasa flow, changing things up leads to better results. Luckily, we’re always hearing about new styles of yoga, making it easier than ever to obliterate down-dog boredom. My latest fave: surf-inspired yoga classes. — Micaela Preston, Mindful Momma

5. Be a label sleuth.

If you’re following a specific diet—Paleo, gluten free, vegan—it can seem like everything in the grocery store has gluten, sugar, or other processed ingredients. That’s why it’s critical to read labels—and assume that any packaged food is guilty until proven innocent. — Lisa Wells, Cook Eat Paleo

6. Wash, dry, and roast.

After cleaning veggies, make sure they’re completely free of water. Roasting them with water residue causes them to slightly steam and gets in the way of a wonderfully crunchy result (especially if you’re working with broccoli or Brussels sprouts). Try tossing them with olive oil, salt, garlic, Parmesan, and lemon for a tasty recipe that will make you genuinely excited about cruciferous veggies. — Liz Hughes, Virtually Homemade

7. Never pay for flavored H20 again.

Instead, DIY! Fill a carafe halfway with ice and filtered water. Add freshly cut fruit and herbs too (try strawberry and basil, cantaloupe and lime, or blueberry and lavender). Place in the fridge and let the water infuse for two to 12 hours. — Meg, Beard & Bonnet

8. Prioritize sleep when traveling.

Though it’s tempting to stay out till 6 in the morning when traveling (so many bars, so few days!), it’s important to listen to your body and know your limitations. Plus, too many gin and tonics tonight means fewer sights seen tomorrow. Give your body time to relax and adjust to the pace of travel so you can maintain a high energy level. — Paige Smith, Hayo Magazine

9. Sweeten cupcakes without sugar.

This recipe uses apple juice concentrate for delicious carrot cake bites. Just be sure to check the ingredients before you buy a can. It should list one thing: apples. A little water is OK too, but never anything else. — Christina Lane, Dessert for Two

10. Make zachos!

Is there anything zucchini can’t do? Here, they make a low-carb sub for chips when brushed with olive oil, grilled for five minutes, and layered with fresh toppings like tomato, red onions, avocado, and jalapeño. — Christie, Saving said Simply

11. Refresh your diet—sanely.

No need to drink only juice to reset your habits. Just commit to drinking plenty of water, eating clean, and working out for 14 days. Not sure what clean eating is? Try these delicious recipes, and you’ll be excited to start. — Gaby Dalkin, What’s Gaby Cooking

12. Squeeze in some meditation.

Whether you want to concentrate, stimulate creativity, or clear your mind, all it takes is five minutes. Find a quiet place, pick one of these calming videos, and press play. — Caren Baginski

13. Turn cauliflower into dessert.

Stay with us here. Just as the cruciferous vegetable can make a soft, gluten-free pizza crust, with a little chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of pistachio dust, it can transform into a creamy popsicle. — Kate, Veggie Desserts

14. Obey the 15-minute rule.

When you’re dying for seconds of those perfectly fluffy, butter mashed potatoes, wait 15 minutes before going for more. If you still feel hungry, go for it. But chances are you’ll be over it once you give your stomach time to realize it’s full. — Dude Mom

15. Keep it short.

It’s a no-brainer that you want to avoid processed foods when you can. But that can be difficult when cooking for a group—especially if there are some picky eaters. Make it stress-free by looking for short ingredient lists when buying processed foods. — Katya, Little Broken

16. Go for the distance.

If you’re entering a race, it’s about the miles or kilometers you cover, not how fast you cover them. Don’t beat yourself up for walking a bit or not setting your personal best on every single run. Starting (and finishing) is what’s most important. Once you get comfortable with running a specific distance, that’s when you can start to turn your focus to improving speed. — Cait Weingartner, Pretty & Fun

17. Make breakfast in five minutes.

A filling breakfast can make mindless snacking a thing of the past and even boost productivity. But if that morning meal isn’t easy, it ain’t happening. Parfaits to the rescue! Mix yogurt and jam, and top with nuts, berries, leftover quinoa, and a drizzle of honey. Voilà! Instant breakfast. — Jacquelyn Clark, Lark & Linen

18. Whip up one-ingredient dessert.

Many dessert recipes have tons of ingredients, which often means another trip to the grocery store. Forget that! Grape sorbet can be made with just grapes. Freeze them overnight, add to a blender, and turn it to the ice cream setting. — Eugenia Lung, Geniabeme

19. Spike smoothies with avocado.

You’re basically guaranteed a silky smooth mixture that you can’t help but slurp up. This chocolate avocado smoothie is no exception. The recipe calls for a full avocado, which means you’ll be getting half of your recommended daily value of fiber and almost half your folate. And it tastes like pudding. — Ceecee, Within The Kitchen

20. Add a tropical twist to your beauty routine.

Coconut oil isn’t just for cooking. It can be an all-in-one beauty product, replacing hair conditioner and standing in as an alternative to makeup removers to take off clumpy mascara. Or add a handful of coarse salt to a half cup of coconut oil to make the perfect DIY body scrub. — Angie Nelson, My Beauty Box Review

21. Save time and money on cooking.

Meal plans aren’t that hard, and they ensure dinner is one less thing to think about in our crazy, chaotic lives. Start off by collecting recipes, making sure to get a good balance of protein, carbs, fruits, and veggies—and don’t forget to add in some new dishes for fun. Then fill every breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a calendar for the upcoming week (don’t forget about leftovers!). The plan makes food shopping and sticking to your healthy-eating goals a breeze. — Shannon Acheson, AKA Design + Life

22. Rethink fries.

Potatoes are tasty, but there are other ways to enjoy them (and get extra nutrients). These zucchini bites, for example, taste like a cross between French fries and mozzarella sticks. Serve the bread-crumb crusted zucchini with marinara sauce, and you’ve got a game-changing snack or a super easy side for dinner. — Penn Quillen, The Rebel Chick

23. List your snacks.

Snacking is a big part of eating healthy, but it’s hard to convince yourself to make a fancy homemade snack when the vending machine is only a few steps away. That’s why you need a list of easy and delicious go-tos like microwaving fresh berries and granola (think cobbler), slicing turkey and wrapping it with pepperoni and cheese, and stuffing dried figs with hazelnuts. — Lacy Boggs, Laughing Lemon Pie

24. Mix spinach with chocolate.

Trust us! Chocolate and peanut butter have the amazing ability to mask basically any other flavor—even spinach when you combine them to make brownies. Granted, if you like spinach and know what it tastes like, you’ll pick up some hints of it in this recipe. But for those who don’t eat much of the green leafy vegetable, all you’ll taste is dark chocolate and rich PB. — Pamela, Brooklyn Farm Girl